Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 22, 2017: Courthouse Hearing for the Westlake-MacArthur Park Five

The Remembrance Project attends the court hearings for illegal aliens who have murdered American citizens in our country.

They take the time and effort to ensure that every American citizen is not forgotten, even if the federal and state governments refuse to keep track of illegal aliens in our country and refuse to comply with and enforce our nation's immigration laws.

Over the past two years, since I met Robin Hvidston, the California Director of the Remembrance Project, I did not have time to join the rest of her team in court hearings in Los Angeles County.

On May 22, I finally had the chance.

Ever since I learned about the terrible fire set by Honduran illegal alien Johnny Sanchez, I wanted to ensure justice for Tierra Stansberry, DeAndre Mitchell and the other three Americans killed in the fire:

Here are the five victims murdered in the fire set by an illegal alien:

And here's the evil creep who killed these five Americans:

The hearing took place at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, and it was clear to me that the courthouse is packed on any given day. The outside of the building and the corridors throughout the court house are pretty old, but the court chambers are state of the art.

It was surprising to me to enter Department 30, where the next preliminary hearing was held, and to find pew-like benches instead of individal seats. The court was not overflowing with people, which is a good thing, I suppose, From the outset, the deputy sheriffs on site instructed everyone to put their phones away and turn them off. No exeptions.

It's a very tightly-run event, and sometimes the Remembrance Project volunteers have to stay until the afternoon before the suspect is brought up for the hearing.

This morning, we were fortunate enough for the case against Johnny Sanchez to come up very early.

The next preliminary hearing, with all the evidence presented for trial, will not be until late July.

In the meantime, the deputy district attorney met with us in the courthouse hallway:

Robin helped connect DeAndre's mother with the Deputy DA.

Then we went outside:


This is terrible.

Five Americans murdered in their own country by an illegal alien.

The crime occured in June 2016. It's been a  year, and a trial still has not been set yet. It took one year just for the deputy DA to collect the autopsy reports about the deaths.

Another preliminary hearing is coming up in July?!

Indeed, the wheels of justice move slowly in Los Angeles County. In the meantime, the taxpayers are feeding and clothing the illegal alien, all while homeless, veterans, the mentally ill, and other at-risk groups struggle to survive. Homeowners and taxpayers are moving out of a county which is more dedicated to the needs of illegal aliens, while American citizens do not feel safe in their own communiities.

Thankfully, Deputy DA Roberts is on the case. Let's just hope that justice will be served as soon as possible, and that Donald Trump builds that wall as soon as possible!

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