Monday, May 22, 2017

Westminster Planned Parenthood Protest: May 20, 2017

A fellow Trump supporter told me about a protest in front of the Westminster Planned Parenthood.

I can't believe Orange County tolerates any Planned Parenthood clinics in the county.

This is unbelieveable.

For the first 30 minutes of my protest outside of this death mill, I saw mostly Asian people entering the clinic. I saw two young couples also go in.

By then, other members of the pro-life demonstration had arrived.

Within minutes, a young man rode up the street

Check out the great people and posters which showed up to stand up for life and stop abortion:

This young man below is a graduate student at UC Irvine, with a concentration in philosophy of science.

And he is pro-life!

The team that came together did a great job representing for life!

Jeremy Hill delivered a profound message of God's grace for those women had already undergone an abortion:

In spite of the heat, we made a powerful impact in that community:

The message came through loud and clear!

Instead of death, choose life!

Choose adoption, not abortion!

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