Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Minnesota GOP Readies for Election 2018 Governor's Race

Governor Dayton Lets Down Minnesotans Again
Another Year of Inaction
Another year has gone by in which Governor Dayton and DFL legislators continue to demonstrate a lack of interest in what is best for the people of Minnesota. Instead of looking to provide tax relief, reduce the budget, and invest in statewide efforts including transportation, Democrats have sown chaos and discord. It is disappointing to all Minnesotans that Democrats are more interested in scoring political points than in helping our people. This session just further reinforces the need for Minnesotans to elect a Republican Governor in 2018.
Our Republican legislators have been day and night to do the people's business. They have sought to provide tax relief to all middle-class Minnesotans and make major investments in transportation, among many other efforts. Let's hope for the sake of all Minnesotans this will come to a positive resolution soon. 
The time to elect a Republican Governor is now.
Your donation will help start our statewide victory efforts early so we can hit the ground running and ensure we turn out voters and spread our conservative message to ensure a victory in 2018!

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