Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cudahy Alan Garcia: My Family Voted for Trump, I Don't Like Maxine Waters

The liberal/progressive/Bernie supporter who said that he wanted to kiss Adolfo Varas, who has opposed We the People Rising, who had claimed to me that "Everyone hates you" and invited communist groups to protestJack Guerrero and the Cudahy city council on February 27 ...

Wanted to hear my thoughts on key issues for the first time.

Here is the latter half of an interview I had taken with radio host Alan Garcia after I was unjustly escorted out of theMaxine Waters town hall in Inglewood:

I had told Garcia that I was trying to respond and confronted all of these issues the same way that I had presented my views to Edin Enamorado:

Alan Garfcia was willing to listen to me this time, instead of the non-stop attacks against me,

So, check out the video above, and you will learn the following things about Alan:

1. He works (I know that he has a radio program)
2. He does not support single-payer health care.
3. He is no longer a Bernie supporter (Or he might return to supporting him if he runs for President again)
4. Many people in his family supported Donald Trump! Now that is really cool!
5. He was willing to hear my views about health care concerns.
6. He does not support open borders.
7. He supports amnesty for illegals in the country how have no other record of criminal wrong-doing.
8. He doesn't like Maxine Waters (that's common, since most progressives see elected Democrats as bad establishment politicians).

Let's see where this goes.

He displayed a lot of vitriol against Harim during our protest outside of Inglewood High School, and that's wrong.

Harim is my homie from another Mommy (yes, cheesy, but deal with it!--it's Mother's Day)

At least there is more dialogue rather than diatribe going on.

Let's see what happens in the future days to come. Trump supporters are making their case for the President -- and we are having a good time doing it!

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