Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cudahy Activist Alan Garcia Slams Chris Garcia's "White Supremacists" Remark

Recently, I had posted that Alan Garcia of Cudahy began speaking to me without disruption or incident.

Well, the dialogue was more like a shouting match from him, while I was seeking answers without resorting to name calling and hateful remarks.

Toward the end, he asked if he could talk to me the same way that I had been talking with Edin about a month prior.

FYI, this is what an honest, mature discussion looks like:

There are two more videos -- check them out here and here.

Now, check out this part of our conversation:

Notice that Alan Garcia shares the following:

"You know what? I've talked to Chris Garcia plenty of times, and I told him: 'Yo, that's not a good look' ... I disagree with Chris Garcia on stuff, like what you just said ... I think him calling you all 'white supremacists' was wrong."

Once again, I think hell is freezing over.

This man, who was attacking and criticizing We the People Rising and LA for Trump ... acknowledged that Mayor Chris Garcia's remarks were wrong.

Is there hope for California? It starting to look that way ...

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