Monday, May 15, 2017

RINO-PLAC Treasurer Gary SCAM-inoff Tries to Intimidate Conservatives

Gary Aminoff has threatened me with lawsuits, he has tried to shame me and scare me for outing the corrupt RINO-PLAC Central Committee for pulling the charter for the Beach Cities Republicans.

In case he has not noticed--he probably has--our First Vice-President is on a roll.

He has auired an immense following on social media. Oh, and he's running for Congress against Maxine "The Crazy Black Lady" Waters.

Check out his campaign announcement--right in front of Waters' overpriced mansion in Hancock Park!

Our Secretary-Treasurer Tracy Hopkins is rocking the house in Hermosa Beach, taking a firm stand against the Agenda 21, Carbon Neutrality agenda.

In fact, the Beach Cities Republicans have been featured multiple times in the press for our activism

Oh and I just registered another Democrat to become a Republican last week.

How about that?!

The truth is, I am following the same expain

Check out what this local Republican activist shared with the RPLAC Central Committee when they were soliciting donations:

Just got a phone call from LACGOP apparently they wanted a donation. I told them the pulled the charter of BCR and support RINO's and that it would be a cold day in hell before I gave them a penny.

P.S. I work too hard for my money to blow it on those losers.

Here was SCAM-inoff's response:

Really----? You are calling me a loser?

Do you even have any idea why we pulled the charter of BCRC?

What RINOs have we supported?

Are you sure you want to make me your enemy? I thought you were smarter than that.


He has pulled this intimidation crap before.

Gary SCAM-inoff

Check out what he messaged to me:

I don't know if you realize that I am in business. When people consider whether they should become my client they google me. What do you think a prospective client would do if they saw my picture with Gary Scam-in-off? You are forcing me to hire an attorney to sue you for defamation in order to protect my business. I suggest you take down that caption today, or you will leave me no choice. I know you don't have a dime so I can collect on any judgment, but I can get the court to force you to remove defamatory material on your website. Is that what you want - a lawsuit? Think carefully about it. - Gary Aminoff

Honestly, the man's lack of integrity within the county party is reaosn enough not to want to have anyting to do with him

He runs a business? Who cares?! He lives with a woman that he won't have the decency to marry.

And she sucks ,too!

This kid of crap is becoming all too common. 

"I am goig to sue you! I am going to sue you!

Blah Blah Blah!

The resonse from that Republican activist to wannabe intimidationist SCAM-inoff:

I don't want a fight with you because that serves no purposem but don't ever never ever threaten me again by asking if I want to make you your enemy.

Shame! Shame on RINO-PLAC!


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