Friday, May 26, 2017

Minnesota Republicans Reform Budget, Even Though They Control One Branch of Government

Republicans Close the Deal for Minnesotans
An important step forward
Last night, Republicans proved they can lead by closing the deal for Minnesotans. As the 2017 Legislative Session came to a close, legislative leaders overcame the obstacles that Democrats and Governor Dayton continuously put in the way of reform and tax relief. The result was a series of bills that will benefit Minnesotans.
  • Republicans passed the largest tax relief package in nearly two decades. They lowered taxes for senior citizens, removed an “extra” tax on small businesses, reduced taxes for many individuals paying student loans, and provided property tax relief for many farmers.
  • Republicans invested a historic level of existing funding to repair our roads and bridges, and stopped Governor Dayton and Democrats from increasing the gas tax.
  • Republicans lowered health care costs and increased options, keeping their campaign promises that they would work to fix the devastation caused by Obamacare.
  • Republicans funded education while enacting many key reforms, including ending the detrimental “Last In, First Out” layoff policy, expanding school choice through pre-K scholarships, and fixing the teacher licensure system to help address the teacher shortage.
Republicans have the policy solutions. This session proves Republicans can lead and enact policies that benefit Minnesotans. The missing piece is a Governor who champions real solutions instead of standing in the way.

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