Thursday, May 18, 2017

Conservative Victories on College Campuses

Leadership Institute
Hello Arthur Christopher,
The semester is almost over, but that’s not stopping liberal efforts to intimidate conservative college students.

Thanks to you, there is hope for these students.

I thought you’d like to know about two victories for conservative students in the last few weeks –victories that wouldn’t have happened without you.
Whitworth University, a Christian university in Spokane, Washington, cut ties with Planned Parenthood after the Students for Life group challenged the university to stop funding the abortion provider.

This student group that you help with your support put pressure on the university to stop giving course credit for internships at Planned Parenthood.
Whitworth University cuts ties with Planned Parenthood
The University of South Alabama is reminding staff to respect First Amendment rights after a student was threatened with disciplinary action for refusing to remove a Trump sign from his dorm window.
Student threatened over Trump sign

This isn’t unusual because liberals don’t believe conservatives have the right to free speech on campus – but thanks to you, put pressure on the university through the story. The university backed down, apologized, and is now training staff to respect free speech rights. This will make a difference not only for this student, but every other student that goes to this school.
These stories are the two most recent victories in 2017. Thanks to your wisdom to support the Leadership Institute, conservatives have a home on campus where they can freely be conservative.

These students are our future leaders.

But you and I know that with every victory, the left will fight harder to re-gain the ideological battleground that are college campuses.

Just imagine what leftist abuses conservative students will face when they return for their fall semesters! 

Arthur Christopher, will you please donate to help conservatives fight back against the liberal indoctrination on college campuses?

These recent victories support the momentum you and I have built to help our students and defend conservative principles from leftist tyrants on campus.
Thank you for your support.


Morton C. Blackwell
President, Leadership Institute

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