Thursday, May 18, 2017

Commies Aren't Cool: California Democrat Pulls Offensive Pro-Commie Bill AB 22

The state of California's Democratic supermajority has been embracing more facets of communism every day.

They push sexual anarchy as a form of freedom.

They want to tax "the rich" and subsidize the poor.

Assemblyman Rob Bonta: "I love Communists! I am one!"

Instead of championing property rights and local control, they want to push individuals into collective housing and limited mobility.

Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Alameda) went one step further and wanted to remove language from the state code, which would allow openly card-carrying communists to work in state government.

This proposal is not only brazenly offensive to taxpayers, but particularly so to the Vietnamese-American communities in Orange County. Everyone of these people either fled or knows someone who had fled from Communist Vietnam. They lived through the political terrors waged by violent Red thugs intent on killing everyone and everything that stood in their way.

It's shameful! Bonta should be recalled just for proposinga re-introduction of Communism into our state government!

The Sacramento Bee covered Bonta's sudden removal of AB 22:

Under pressure from California’s large Vietnamese community, Assemblyman Rob Bonta has pulled a bill to repeal a Red Scare-era law allowing California governments to fire public employees for being communists.

Notice the backward, condescending language of the article. "Red Scare", as though Communism is not something to fear, and the abject undermining of the American culture and locally-controlled government is something which we should accept.

The Red Scare was a real concern. The Soviet Union was clearly committed to undermining our country and expanding its bloody tyranny around the world.

The Alameda Democrat said he introduced Assembly Bill 22 this session to “clean up” unconstitutional statutory language that made membership in the Communist Party a fireable offense for California public employees. But it generated intense controversy when it came up for a vote on the Assembly floor last week, where several members rose to speak about the pain still carried by constituents who fled the communist regime in Vietnam.

What language was "unconstitutional", Mr. Bonta? Notice that neither he nor the Sacramento Bee wish to report what terms and phrases were intended to be removed.

Keep in mind, too, that the communistic influence has overtaken Alameda County for the last thirty years. The Congresswoman representing the region, Barbara Lee, is a flaming Commie in league with Black Lives Matter and other destructive left-wing interest groups.

“Many expressed these concerns to me,” Bonta said in a statement Wednesday. “Through my conversations with veterans and members of the Vietnamese American community, I heard compelling stories of how AB 22 caused real distress and hurt for proud and honorable people. For that, I am sorry.”

But Breitbart gives the full picture about what happened that made Bonta pull this terrible bill:

South Vietnamese Defeat Communism — in California

That title speaks for itself. Refugees fled the Communist regime in Vietnam. Veterans all over the state rallied against this terrible bill, too, since they fought against the Red Terror that was taking over one country after another.

Kudos also to State Assemblyman Travis Allen for speaking out so vocally and effectively against that terrible piece of legislation.

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  1. Where is a flame thrower went we need one? My wife's family fled Red China in 1949. Assemblyman Rob Bonta, would you like to talk with them about Commies?