Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Success! San Diego County Border Control Deports Dresden Orchestra "Tear Down This Wall" Event

The Dresden, Germany Orchestra was planning a politicized concert performance on two sides of the San Diego County/Mexico border on June 3, 2017.

The name of the concert? "Tear Down This Wall" modeled after President Ronald Reagan's 1987 celebrated speech at the Brandenburg Gate. The whole event is about German liberals lecturing the United States not to build a border wall between Mexico and the United States.

Who do they think they are? How arrogant!

This liberal movement from the Dresden orchestra is all about drawing a false comparison between the Berlin Wall built by the blood-thirsty Communists, and the upcoming wall for the United States.

Remimder: The Berlin Wall was designed to keep captive East Berliners in bondage to Communism, which everyone was fleeing.

The border will is designed to keep criminals, terrorists, and all other illegal aliens from entering the country. The Communist wall was about imprisonmnet. The American wall will be about protection.

Now heres the good news.

The Border Patrol is officially denying the Dresden Orchestra from performing state side.

Roger Ogden of Patriot Fire reports the following:

I don't believe the Border Patrol and State Park knew that this was going to be a subversive, political performance until we told them.  So, I think we can claim some credit in getting it cancelled on this side.  Don't think they can do it, but they would love to get enough people there to overwhelm the Border Patrol and breach the fence somehow.   

The band is still going to be playing just on the other side of the fence in Friendship Circle, the space between the two fences where people can get close to each other at the old fence.  If we can get just on the other side of the fence from them, we can still have some fun with it.  Will talk to the Border Patrol about it next weekend.  If Friendship Circle is open, as usual, they should let us in.  Whether they will allow signs and bullhorns, I am not sure.  I ordered 6 survival whistles, up to 120db.  If nothing else, we should be able to make some noise.

Roger Ogden

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