Saturday, May 20, 2017

Regarding Shapiro's Latest Open Letter to Trump: WRONG!

I have more faith in President Donald Trump's capacity to govern. I do not believe that he is a hapless child in the Washington DC swamp trying to feed his own ego while making other people look bad. Part of the reason I hold a more charitable respect for Trump stems from the kind words which The Remembrance Project activists have shared with me.

The more that people respect the President's personal touches and outreach on key concerns, like the care and welfare of Americans tragically hurt by illegal immigration, the easier it is to give a pass over upsetting circumstances during his Presidency.

So, the Comey-Russia-DNC explosion seems to be eclipsing the Trump Administration.

But is it really? After all, they have no evidence at all that the President engaged in any treasonous behavior. In fact, allowing the marginalized  media to go haywire on this non-story, the more discredited the make themselves.

Now let's review the heated rhetoric from Shapiro's open letter to President Trump:

You came into office with a Republican House and a Republican Senate and a massive legacy of Obama failure. You came in promising to get things done quickly and efficiently, to win and never stop winning. And you had the opportunity to fulfill some of those promises. Instead, aside from the wonderful nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, nothing of note has gotten done.

Excuse me?

Trump has accomplished much more than the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

There are the regulations whch have been rolled back.

Obamacare is getting hacked at. The coal industry is back in business.

Again--the regulatiory burdens that had stifled business are getting stifled in turn.

American prestige has exploded all over the world. Did you see the reception which Donald Trump received from Saudi Arabia? They literally rolled out the red carpet for our President. Obama had to go through the back door of his own plane, since the leaders of the world had no respect for him.


Sorry, Ben, but I think that President Trump is doing a great job. Of course there are other issues he needs to take care of, and quickly. But I am not worried about all of that right now.

Then came this damning paragraph:

Instead, you decided that you were so irritated by the necessity of investigation or the possibility that aides had deceived you that you ignored input and then attacked the investigators. In doing so, you looked guilty, you bred accusations of obstruction, and you seemed petty and vindictive.

"You looked guilty."

Why did the President look guilty? The press makes Republicans look like the bad guys all the time. Have we not learned the lessons we need to learn yet? The media is not committed to reporting the truth. They are committed to promoting a perverse, destructive agenda. They want to open up the borders, they want us to embrace the anti-biological madness of multiple genders and pansexual destruction.

Who cares what the media says about the President? Part of the reason he won the Election was that he bypassed then corralled the media, forcing them to cover his interests and to pay attention to the real concerns of American citizens. The media had divorced themselves from the concerns of working people. Trump connected with their needs--and they voted for him.

Besides, average working people hate the media.

Then there are the rants about Michael Flynn. What exactly were his connections with Russia? Who cares? Shapiro has written repeatedly that the Democrats, the media, the corrupted political class cannot provide evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. What is there to worry about?

What is my take on all of this? Trump has baited the Democrats and the corrupt media ... again.

They will spend all their political capital pushing for impeachment. Two days later, though, they are already walking away from the proposal. Perhaps some necessary primary challenges are coming up in the House next year to purge the anti-Trump Republicans who are too arrogant to accept a non-politician President.

Granted, Trump has a lot of work ahead of him. This is a system dominated by checks and balances. Did anyone really believe that everything would get rammed through Congress? One more change would smooth the process: repeal the filibuster in the United States Senate entirely.

How many are willing to pursue this route, though?

LA County for Trump in San Francisco

At any rate: Shapiro's Open Letter condemning Trump as a self-centered demagogue is all wrong. Ben, you are entitled not to like President Trump. But more of us Trump supporters will speak out on his behalf, and it's time for us to join in fighting for the agenda we voted for to come to pass.

Ben Shapiro excoriates President Trump about the latest dust-up created by the marginalized media over Russia.

Instead of faulting the President, Ben and the rest of the punditry class should recognize how much he has already accomplished--and what he is accomplishing!

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