Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Florida Republican Party Reports: Florida Democrats Insult Working Poor Voters

Arthur -- 
I almost did not believe it either.

I almost did not believe that the Florida Democratic Party’s President stated that poor people don’t vote on issues because they are “emotional beings”.

Then, I remembered that the FL Democratic Party is completely out of touch with everyday Floridians like you and I. The Republican Party knows that people-- no matter what their economic status is-- vote based on what they know is true. They vote for people who will make their community, state and nation safer, stronger and better.

Will you stand with me today and donate $5, $10, $15 to tell the FL Dems that you will not stand by while they INSULT fellow Floridians?

The Florida Democratic Party cannot insult their way to victory.

P.S. Don’t believe that the she said that? Read it for yourself here:

Your Friend,
Blaise Ingoglia
RPOF, Chairman

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