Wednesday, May 24, 2017

California MassResistance Statement on Taiwan Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage

This judicial tyranny from the Supreme Court of Taiwan affirms that this is the only means by which LGBT agitators can force their perverted vision of "marriage equality" onto this or any other country. For the last fie years, the homosexual-transgender lobby has long understood that the only way to ensure the passage and accept of "gay marriage" would have to go through the judicial system. The arbitrary arrogance of supreme courts has overruled the will of people and natural law countless times, and has become the final means of imposing this unnatural, immoral travesty on individuals.

For two decades, LGBT forces in the United States relied on the ballot box and the initiative process to impose a radical, unacceptable redefinition of marriage. Even in liberal California, the majority of voters rejected gay marriage and enshrined the natural, proper definition of marriage through a 2008 initiative vote. When those efforts failed, they launched federal lawsuits to undermine the will of the voters and the well-being of the community. One lawsuit filed against California's pro-family initiative Prop 8 ended up throwing out Prop 8 on procedural grounds.

The disastrous United States Supreme Court decision Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015 affirmed that judicial bullying based on political correctness, distorted renderings of the United States Constitution and the fundamental definition of liberty would carry the day. Now this horrid reality has inflicted the Taiwanese government.

Both natural affection and moral recognition throughout human history proves that marriage is an institution defined by one man and one woman. Children understand the need for a mother and a father, and societies as a whole thrive based on the necessary institution of family. Numerous studies in sociology, epidemiology, and psychology have affirmed the importance of natural marriage and the nuclear family. This matter is too great, and abuse by judicial authorities, is too great for pro-family activists to ignore. It's time for pro-family forces to ensure judicial restraint or if necessary, civil disobedience to uncivil a cultural shift as "gay marriage". The threats to life and liberty will only grow worse for the Taiwanese people following this disastrous decision.

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