Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Montana GOP Special Election Report: Gianforte Gaining, Quist in Trouble

Just Ahead of Election Day, Rob Quist on the Defense as Greg Gianforte Getting Major Grassroots Boost

Ahead of tomorrow’s election, Democrat Rob Quist is on the defense over a Billings Gazette report that he is dodging his property taxes, while Republican Greg Gianforte is getting a “major boost” from grassroots supporters.
CBS Billings: Ahead Of Election Day, Democrat Rob Quist On Defense Over Tax Dodging

REPORTER, MIKE DENNISON: He's also faced questions about whether a barn on his family's Flathead Valley property is correctly appraised for tax purposes. The barn has been remodeled to apartments but is still classified as a barn, taxed at a slightly lower level than commercial property. Quist and his wife also didn't report any rental income on their 2016 federal tax return. Quist says the rental income goes to his daughter, Halladay, who is the legal owner of the nine-acre property near Creston. The state revenue officials say they'll be checking if the barn is assessed properly but that the Quists were under no legal obligation to report any changes. Quist says he's done nothing wrong and that the attack is just part of his opponent’s campaign to discredit him.
CBS Helena: Republican Greg Gianforte Is Getting A “Major Boost” From Grassroots Supporters

REPORTER, JOSH MENY: Gianforte's campaign has gotten a major boost on the grassroots level in Cascade County in recent weeks. MSU grad Kaitlyn Skoog came from Cascade County to ramp up the ground effort signing up more than 30 committed canvassing volunteers, many of them college students.

MSU GRAD KAITLYNN SKOOG: We've hit about thirty thousand people between doors and phones. I’d say every day, on the phones we're hitting about fifteen hundred people, just in the great falls area. on doors we're hitting about five hundred.

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