Monday, May 29, 2017

Mexica Movement Bigot Total Hyprocrite: Naui Blasts GoFundMe Accounts--But Has One of His OWN!

Naui Ocelotl Huitzilopochtli has been going after a Trump supporter named Harim Uzziel for the last four months.

"Go back to Europe -- but before you go ..."

The reason? Harim has a GoFundMe account.

But wait ...

Here are two YouTube videos in which Naui is asking for people to donate ... to his GoFundMe:


Here's another question ...

Where are the videos of Naui's trip to North Dakota to stop that dreaded pipeline?

Where indeed?!

Check out his YouTube channel, and there is no video between his last plea for money and the next video:

Despite that concern ...

Why does he go after Harim Uzziel for his GoFundMe account?

Naui, Naui -- Why are you such a hypocrite?


  1. If you don't go back to Europe, I will drop your ass

    1. Feel free to re-use this image if you want.

  2. Arthur Schaper denounces violence. He wants criminal charges for whomever he says pushed him.
    Arthur's friend Shirley beats up a woman on cameras (plural), and Arthur cant stop harassing the victim.
    Violence is not ok for Arthur Schaper unless it's Arthur Schaper's group members commitimg violent acts.
    Arthur Schaper is a hypocrite and a farce.

    1. I agree. He shouts at others and expects people to take it. Someone needs to remind him it's rude to point at people also. He has no class.