Saturday, May 6, 2017

Kevin De Leon's "Brown Power" Summit: The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Lawless

State Senate President Pro Tem (Senator) Kevin De Leon is ambitious yet corrupt politician.

He current serves himself as the master of ceremonies and seriously bad legislation in Sacramento's state senate. Rumors have it that he is plotting a bid for the United States Senate, particularly if incumbent Dianne Feinstein decides not to run for re-election.

Sure, she looks busy and gives the impression that she wants another bid, but with the rising left-flanking attacking her fairly "conservative" views on national security and public safety, as well as her general corporate voting record, she might be vulnerable to challenge on her left.

So, as anyone would imagine, De Leon is working swing districts in Southern California as well as liberal bastions throughout the state.

The moment that We the People Rising arrived for the event, we met fierce yet subtle opposition against our being there:

Notice how they kept moving where the line would go.

They said that they would bring coffee, which eventually arrived.

Of course, we are following a clear protocol for peace, but we keep getting pushed around by La Raza Nativists who are more invested in undermining our laws and turning America into another Latin American dystopia.

Sorry, but I am not going to stand by and watch these Brown Power racists lie to their children and the entire country with this lie of "America Stole It".

A few media organizations showed up, including PBS Latino, the same as the reporter who had followed us at the Xavier Becerra Town Hall two months ago.

The press is liberal and biased in such an incomprehensible manner. The reporter actually uestioned me to confirm that President Trump had referred to all Mexicans as rapists and murderers, which he had never done.

But the truth remains, that Mexico is not sending their best people, in that illegal aliens from Mexico are not the best people. The best people obey the law and enter legally, or they fight for their country ... in their own country.

Despite the growing restlessness from the people surrounding us at the event.

Some of the people there were looking at us funny, and then more of them were recording us.


We the People Rising remained undeterred:

At this point, it got really crazy.

One of the organizers announced that we needed to move away from the wall, so that we wouldn't make any noise. Yet within five minutes, a line of elderly men and women showed up with pictures from the Bracero days.

Why were they allowed to ine up? Were they going to go in before us, or prevent us from entering?

Nothing was going to stop us.

We the People Rising did make it into the auditorium.

With our "Fire De Leon" signs ready for all to see, we made our intentions very clear.

Our atetendance was all about holding the corrupt, arrogant, lawless State Senate President accountable for his actions.

How could any lawmaker claim to represent or care for the needs of constituents by advocating for the flagrant disregard of federal laws?

The meeting featured a "Who's Who" of brazen La Raza radicals, including Professor Emeritus Armando Navarro, a fervent believer in the whole "Brown Pride" Chicano Power nonsense.

The older gentlemen in front of me were plenty furious.

That's not my problem -- that is not the problem for any freedom-loving patriot who stands by the rule of law and will fight to ensure that our rights, and our wonderful American political culture stand the test of time.

No Raza, No KKK, No Fascist USA!

The content, the comments in these videos just exceeds description. You have to watch the videos and hear the outrageous, offensive, and just plain officious remarks for yourself.

Some notably notorious Chicano council members attended this summit, preaching to the less than stellarly attended audience how to break federal law.

The speakers included the former mayor of Maywood, the same city which went bankrupt, and cost the city its police department as well as its full-time city staff. The current city councilmembers are just as corrupt and self-serving. They claim to care about the well-being of their "community", when all they really care about is ... lining their own pockets.

Then Blanca Gomez of Victorville spoke.

She was nervous and blushing. She should, since she engages in self-promoting lawlessness, all while trying to introduce santuary city perversities.

Then the consul for Guatemala spoke to us. He claimed that 60% of Guatemalans in the United States are illegal?! Or did he claim that in Guatemala, 60% of the people living in that country are illegal.

The point remains, however, that foreign nationals should not aid and abet the violation of our immigration laws.

The lies coming out of these alternative fact-ivists was just too much!

Every left-wing talking point imaginable came out of their mouths.

At one point, a lady sang some corridos (or cantos) about the bracero life.

Of course, the underlying current of all of this Brown Power hoopla ended with blaming "white" people for all the problems of the world, then taking California away from the United States to form somme new country called "Aztlan".

We need to hustle and reach out to young Hispanics as soon as possible. This is a rich, wonderful country, one not based on theft but rather on God-given rights and respect accorded to legal residents based on a covenant of citizenship. Why do these La Raza haters have such a problem with all of this?


The Brown Power bridage with their berets were particularly unhappy with us, but so what?!

Checkk out Gridnall61's take on the Latino Summit with Kevin De Leon:

Watch us chase Senator De Leon out of the meeting, too!


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