Saturday, May 6, 2017

We Got Another Runner! California Sanctuary State Senator De Leon Flees from We the People Rising

After the De Leon Latino and Mexicano summit ended, State Senator Kevin De Leon fled the campus classroom.

We the People Rising were not going to let him get away with it.

Immediately, I demanded an answer about Sandra Duran.

"What would you like to tell the family of Sandra Duran? She was killed by an illegal alien, because of your law whicih allowed illegals to get a driver's license!"

The sneering arrogance of this man should alone justify arresting him.

I even asked my Congressmaan, Ted Lieu, to order a federal arrest of De Leon, since he all but advocated for allowing illegal aliens to obtain and use fraudulent documents.


When De Leon had finally shown up to speak at the Latino summit, none of us permitted him to say things that were blatantly false.

Which was pretty much everything he had to say.

But we refused to be done with him after the meeting:

Let's just say that he wasn't too thrilled to see us!

Oh, and look at the big gas - jeep that he rides in?

Yet he wants the rest of us to get out of our cars?

He wants us to allolw ilelgal aliens to run rampant in our streets, but he gets to be surrounded by high-price security?

As I wrote before, De Leon wasn't too thrilled to see us!


  1. And this is how OUR EMPLOYEES treat us!?! He works for US! WE PAY HIS SALARY and gets treated like royalty?!? This son of a bitch needs to GO! YOU ARE NO LONGER WELCOME HERE!!

  2. Catch;'em, kill'em, and send'em to hell.

  3. These politicians should remember the French Revolution.

    Start representing American Citizens of all ethnicities not Illegals.

  4. We absolutely cannot allow California to be run by Illegal Aliens. They do not have the same rights as citizens and we are going to have to fight for our rights. The phone message should be "Press 1 to speak other than English." Sacramento has really helped to make a mess of things and they should get fired!

  5. I am in the process of educating at the least 5 to 10 people at a time about these corrupt politicians. This may take a while but it will happen because there are more of us than there are of them. They know it and that is why they do things with doors closed. I make it a point to contact direct by phone every so called elected official as much as i can. Keep up the pressure "True Californians" and don't let them forget how many we number.

  6. California democrat owned politics have become a cancer on the face of representative democracy!! It is totally toxic and needs to be cut out and destroyed!!