Friday, April 29, 2016

Justice for American Citizens--Nick the Greek

Election 2016 holds so much at stake for our nation.  Our next chief executive needs to be an … executive, a leader, an enforcer of the law. I just finished watching a Prager U video about Crime, Punishment, and Foreign Policy.

Why has there been a huge outbreak of global chaos?

Now boundaries. No enforcement.

This “Broken Windows” theory is breaking up our country, too, with an Occupant in the White House who decides which rules to keep and which to ignore.

On immigration, he has been the most cracked up. For two years, he could have enacted sweeping immigration reforms. He controlled Congress with strong Democratic majorities.

Yet he did nothing.

Just before his reelection, and just after, he announces DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans).

Frankly, my father does not need deferred action. He is a legal resident, a citizen, thank you very much.

Of course, as you know, these programs are for the illegal aliens in our country.

Granted, the harrowing accounts of young children brought here at two or three years old, now all grown up as Americans, will make many shed tears. But national security is a paramount necessity. What about the needs of our American? There are millions of American youth who have dreams, too. 

What about them?

What about the millions of legal residents who have done everything right—passed all the tests, paid all the fees, played by every rule—and they are still waiting for their final naturalization papers?

What about them?

And what about Nick Ioannidis, aka Nick the Greek?

An immigrant from a hostile, rural town in Greece, Nikolas came to the United States with $.25 in his pocket.

He came legally, and did not depend on anything from the government. He spoke no English, but found a job within days as a tailor.

His father was a tailor, as were many of his ancestors. Sadly, his father would not teach him the trade, when Communists captured him, then hanged him and burned his body.

The simple yet harrowing portrait of his father remains in his quaint but lovely home in Huntington Park.

His tailor shop, a beautiful treasure filled with his love of country, has been sold.

He had no choice, since he entered into a bad loan.

The harassment he faced from local businesses, including the Cunningham Mortuary on the same corner, along with the Mexican mafia and the corrupt city leaders took their toll, too.

What has happened?

Huntington Park has been home for Nick for more than forty years, and yet the character of the city has shifted so dramatically.

One a stirring working class community, thriving with industrial workers, with a gleaming and wealthy Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park has turned into “Little TJ” to critics. Still very working class, but predominantly Hispanic, and a growing illegal alien population have all tarnished the once thriving city.

Pacific Boulevard has lost its once widespread, waving grandeur. Crime and corruption, including public malfeasance is the norm.

Some small businesses are making a comeback. But dirty politics have become the norm. The four Corruptitos on the city council--Jhonny Pineda, Karina Macias, Marilyn Sanabria, and current mayor Graciela Ortiz

Nick is one of the very few non-Hispanic residents in the city, yet residents still visiting him for alterations on their clothing. He participated in the annual Christmas parades.

He also worked with local schools, and talked about his love for America.

He still reaches out to young people to celebrate his anniversary as a citizen.

And he still deserves justice!

Justice for American Citizens, of which Nick the Greek is chief!

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