Friday, April 8, 2016

Torrance's Tim "Not So" Goodrich

Torrance City Councilman Tim Goodrich has turned out to be a huge disappointment.

I had written at length about his anti-war rallies and activities.

I was surprised that the city of Torrance still chose to elect this man.

He ran away from his activist past. He had hoped to stagger away his views and attitudes about govenrment.

This guy was receiving donations from big time labor unions and liberal politicians.

Why did this guy get elected in the first place?

Most Torrance residents seem focused on their families and their jobs.

That is fine.

Now, however, for the sake of their jobs, their families, and the treasured South Bay way of life, they need to know who is sitting on their city councils, and start paying attention to the deleterious choices they are making.

Especially Tim "Not So" Goodrich.

He is a raging leftist, but for now tempering his liberal embers while prepping for a run for higher office,

He has been pushing a Big Green agenda for a number of months on the Torrance City Council.

He wanted a letter drafted to a state governing board to ensure the appointment of adequate presiding officer to succeed the one removed a month ago.

Yet when it comes to simple ethics among city staff, he has not demanded swifter action from his colleagues or the city staff.

The Daily Breeze reported on the March 22nd city council meeitng, in which Mike Griffiths sought concurrence to have Patrick Furey Jr. removed from the Traffic Commission:

The mayor abstained, while Councilman Tim Goodrich also declined to concur with the request.

Goodrich said he does not condone Furey Jr.’s illegal actions, but believed officials should have asked the younger Furey privately to step down. That courtesy was extended to a previous commissioner last year, who ignored the request and was then swiftly punted off a panel.

Arthur Plourde was the "punted" commissioner.

In a way, "punted" does not even make sense. This was not delayed measure. Plourde was removed from the Library Commissions. "Ousted" or "removed" would be more accurate.

At any rate ...

I received the following communiques  from a Torrance resident:

Remember you saying at a council meeting that you didn't believe the charges against the mayor. Well obviously they were true. Having said that, I've become a fan of your work exposing local corruption in various places. You do great work.

I was glad for the compliments, and yes I had given Mayor Furey the benefit of the doubt.

Some conservatives in the city had done the same thing, even though they opposes Furey for personal as well as political reasons.

On another note, it looks like Patrick Jr is being set up as the scapegoat for his Dad. Patrick idolized Sr and no doubt took direction from him. Patrick's problem is that he's more reckless than Sr. He didn't buffer himself as well as his Dad did. Jesse Jackson and His son might be a similar case. If it were me, I wouldn't want my son taking all of the heat for something that I orchestrated. How Sr behaves regarding the son may tell more about him than the political corruption.

Keep up the good work.

Ouch! I thought these points were well worth heeding.

Why would a father not do more for his son?

Teh truth is, regardless of any father-son or other familial relationship, Patrick Furey Jr. is an adult, and must be held accountable for his choices.

Three times he has been admonished and/or hit with fines. Three times!

Enough is enough!

The same writer then guided my attention to one of the city councilmembers who seems almost complicit in these unethical actions:

Am I hearing correctly that, Councilman Goodrich did not concur on sending a letter to Patrick Furey Jr asking him to resign, and as well as voted against a forced removal? After what he did to Plourde for nothing, this really shows what a Leftist political hack he is. This guy is the most dangerous person in Torrance. He's still young and there's no telling how far he could rise in Leftist California politics. His unethical position on this issue should be worked to the bone. Forget the Furey's, they're toast. Goodrich is the one to look out for.

Yes, indeed. 

Patrick Furey Jr. needs to step down.

I would like Mayor Pat to go as well.

This city does not need another liberal doing the bidding of the labor unions and other special interests.

Cities are for citizens, not for political action committees who thikn that they can game the system and play everyone for a fool.

Tim "Not So" Goodrich

Guess which council member is in league with labor unions?

Tim Goodrich.

This man is not-so good to me.

He gets worked up about climate alarmism, but the basic necessities of good and efficient government are not a priority? Really?

Let's state the developments plainly.

Tim Goodrich is a white version of Ted Lieu.

 At heart, he is a full-on lefist. He wants "equality for all" as determined by cultural-Marxistim

He wants every city bowing down to Big Green.

Who knows what other out-of-step, out-of-touch views he holds.

He even confronted me at one point to shame me into silence: "I don't want you to look foolish."

I don't think so.

His reluctance to hold the Traffic Commissioner accountable and have him removed is very disturbing.

He needs to go.

It is wrong for  him to use Torrance as a spring board to further his illiberal, regressive agenda.

And it's time for more people to call him out on this!


  1. Sehr gut. Ausgezeichnet.

  2. Thanks. I was researching a candidate who he endorsed. I will now vote for her. :)

  3. Ask him about his CCW permit. Then ask him how you can get one too.