Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Donate a Laugh: Chris Garcia's Smiling Hypocrisy

I found this website a few weeks ago.

Just For the Smiles

The glowing praise for Cudahy Corruptito City councilman (at the time, he was the mayor) was too much not to poke fun:

Chris Garcia

      Chris Garcia recently served as the Mayor of the City of Cudahy. He grew up in a working class single parent household headed by his mother, Olivia Velasquez. He is a proud product of the Cudahy school system having attended Teresa Hughes, Elizabeth Learning Center, and Bell High School. 

He may call himself a proud product of the school system, but the active residents in the city are not proud of him. He has routinely resorted to silencing dissent in city council chambers.

He attacked members of the audience as racist.

He supports lawlessness and anarchy, when as an elected official he should be enforcing the law and securing the safety of all legal residents.

When he stormed out of a city council meeting in January, he snidely retorted to one of the protesters standing by: "Your zipper's open, sir!" Then called him a "jackass".

Through the help of scholarships and grants, Chris went on to earn his degree in Political Science from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). While at UCLA, he became actively involved with the Latino Leadership Council and Hermanos Unidos; both organizations are dedicated to advancing the educational attainment of Latino students. He assumed leadership positions in both organizations and assisted with marketing, communications, and recruitment. As an undergrad, Chris secured an internship in the Office of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, within which he gained first-hand experience of how city government and public policy intersect. After graduating, Chris continued to be involved in local politics while at the same time securing a professional position. He is currently working on his MBA in Non-Profit Executive Management.

For a political creature who cares about Latinos, he has spent a great deal of time overcharging residents, gutting public services, and handing out contracts to friends and political colleagues

Where is the contract bidding?

And this guy is earning a Master's Degree in "non-profit" executive  managament?

This guy wants to get rich off of other people's fees and fines. He takes money to take power, and doesn't think twice about it.

Are you smiling yet?

      Chris was compelled to action when, on June 22nd, 2012, three Cudahy city officials were arrested for bribes and solicitation surrounding medical marijuana dispensers. Shortly after, he founded United4 Cudahy, a website designed to inform, engage, and educate residents about the issues affecting their city. Chris was instrumental in rallying residents to attend city council meetings to have their voices heard, while at the same time pushing for special elections. His initiatives helped to change the city council meetings to a later evening time, thus allowing for more residents to attend meetings and become actively involved in the political process. Through his leadership and tireless efforts, Chris pushed for Spanish interpreting services to be included as part of the regular city council meetings, thereby allowing residents an opportunity to engage in city council discussions.

This paragraph is just oozing with irony, hypocrisy with a smile and a smirk.

He was compelled to run for office because of the corruption of the previous Cudahy city council.


And now he is bringing the same old stink to the city.

Awful. What is the matter with these corrupt little boys? Do they really think that they can withstand the political machine with their liberal loony idealism? Perhaps  the residents of Cudahy need to accept that Cudahy Chris was interested in getting riches and power, nothing more.

      Chris believes in an open and transparent leadership and is committed to ensuring that city services and programs are fully restored. He is dedicated to making sure that local government is responsive to the day-to-day needs of its residents.

Open? Transparent?! Don't make me laugh!

Then again, the website is called "Just for the Smiles"!

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