Sunday, April 3, 2016

House of Representatives Redistribution for 2022

Californians are leaving their state.

The liberal progressive elites in Sacramento want to push out everyone else.

If you are not rich, or if you are not an illegal alien, you need to leave.

This is modern day feudalism, and it is futile to think that there will be any better.

How long does the ruling class believe that they can get away with punishing the makers while making more takers?

The "Out of California" exodus is expanding like crazy.

You can find California license plates in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, and especially Texas.

The migration spells doom for certain states' Congressional delegations, too.

California currently has 53 house seats.

How much longer is this going to last?

I predict the following House Rep delegations are going to change--for better or worse:

California: From 53 to 50.

Texas: From 36 to 40

Florida: From 29 to 31

Tennessee: From

The states which are certain to lose House seats:

Rhode Island -- they will be reduced to one seat.

Delegation Reapportionment after 2010 Election (Credit Adam Renhart)

New York: 29 to 27

Massachusetts: 9 to 8

Pennsylvania: 18 to 17

Ohio:  16 to 15

Illinois: 19 to 17

I anticipate that Utah will gain a House Seat, too, along with Montana and Idaho. Arizona

Utah was supposed to gain a House seat following the last census, but North Carolina ended up edging out the Beehive state by a few hundred more residents.

The red states are getting all the residents, because they have the businesses, they have the jobs, they allow for opportunities to grow and develop.

If Republicans cannot win in blue states, perhaps they should focus on turning over more voters--and votes--in the red states, which are getting redder!

As for the blue states, it looks as if they are going to hollow out pretty soon!

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