Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Comments to Cudahy City Council--March 28, 2016

Good Evening Cudahy City Council:
When I first attended these meetings, residents were granted three different periods for public comment, and three minutes for each period, and they had the opportunity to speak at the beginning as well as at the end of the meeting.
Then the council ruled on a 4-1 vote to limit, to suppress public comment to one period for two minutes.
This is a deliberate measure from the majority to silence the city’s many growing critics. The Public Integrity office will hear about this perverse maneuvering, and I will call on them to demand that you cease and desist from attempting to silence We the People.
Los Corruptitos de Cudahy
I understand that the city council wants to join with the Obama Administration and their immoral, unlawful, and unconstitutional executive amnesty. The council majority cannot even govern its own city without exacting crippling taxes and fees on working residents, all while aiding and abetting financial mismanagement and corruption with special interests and third party vendors.
As I said on January the 11th, I will state: the only people who should be deported in this town right away are the four boys on that city council who pretend to act like men. Get your own house in order before telling the federal government what to do!
Furthermore, in response to the invidious discrimination of Councilmember Chris Garcia.
He claims that the only reason why We the People Rising continue to attend these meetings  is that we do not like people who do not look like us. What is he talking about? Our groups is a diverse community of many colors and cultures. We are more diverse than the city council.
Last of all,  it is immaterial whether a number of cities in this region which have declared themselves a sanctuary city in violation of federal law. Councilman Garcia and this city council deliberately announced to local and national media their brazen refusal to abide by federal law and respect the integrity of our nation’s borders.
For that, We the People Rising continue to attend until this council respects the rule of law and rescinds that sanctuary city policy.
Thank you. 

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