Sunday, April 3, 2016

Macias Begs for METRO Money, While Taking HP for a Ride

Karina Macias is no longer mayor of Huntington Park, but she is still a redistributionist-socialist unabated.

She has no limits.

Check out what she is doing now:

Los Angeles County residents on Thursday had their first chance to address transportation officials about their ambitious, $120-billion plan to raise taxes and dramatically expand mass transit in the region.

Has anyone been reading the Los Angeles Times lately? Fewer people are using public transit. Men and women want to be free, and they want to roam in their own cars. Despite the relative poverty taking over California, and Los Angeles County in particular.

Macias drives a pretty nice car, too! (See above).

If she is such a fan of public transit herself, then why doesn't she use it more often?

Much of the two hours of public testimony at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's downtown headquarters focused on how quickly the agency could build and open major projects if the tax proposal were approved.

"If" tax proposals were approved". The last time that Los Angeles County tried to pass a transportation tax, and it failed. When LA City residents realize that these taxes hurt their own wallets, they vote them down time and again.

We need better roads and more freedom, not more taxes and bad transportation.

The rough plan, released earlier this month, calls for more than three dozen mass transit and highway improvements over the next four decades, including a rail tunnel through the Sepulveda Pass, the San Fernando Valley's first light-rail line, and a series of extensions of existing routes.

"I'm young now, but I won't be young forever," said Karina Macias, a councilwoman from Huntington Park, as she urged Metro directors to accelerate the timeline for a transit link between Union Station and Artesia, currently slated to open in 2049. "I want to see this project become a reality."

With the way that some young people live, one had to wonder if they are going to live long lives. Macias had identified herself as a lesbian, along with the two other women on the Huntington Park City Council. How do they intend to live any kind of long, or prosperous life engaging in same-sex conduct?

Futhermore, Macias is a big-time "Weekend at Bernie" Sanders fan. Socialism has killed millions of people. The more violent version, communism, has killed many millions more on top of that. If Macias really cares about life, and the elderly, why does she continue to promote policies inimical to the life and well-being of her residents?

Furthermore if she really cared about Huntington Park citizens, why did she approve the appointment of two illegal aliens to city commissions? Why has she voted to allow marijuana dispensaries into the city, when the majority of residents are (rightly) opposed to the proposition?

She added: "We are unified, and we are prepared to organize against the measure if the needs of our cities are not met."

She is a unionized thug, too."Let's use force and threaten everyone!" - that is her motto.

The lawlessness of these young, Latino activists should frighten many people, or at least alarm them enough to do something more about it.

No, Karina, threatening men and women of substance with ideal (or idle) activism is not going to generate the massive amounts of wealth needed to expand public transit. If she really cared so much about this resource, why did she go along with her colleagues to remove Fiesta Taxi? Why did she push through millions of dollars in spending on new buses, when the city cannot afford them in the first place?

Let's just state the obvious:

Instead of begging Los Angeles County for money which the county does not have, and will likely have less of because of the anti-growth policies pushed at the county and state level.

Why is he begging for transportation money from anyone? She has been taking Huntington Park residents for a ride for the past three years already!

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