Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Prepared Remarks for Pat Jr's Dismissal--April 12, 2016

Because Patrick Furey Jr. chose to resign from the Traffic Commission rather than face removal, the city council removed the item from discussion on the April 12, 2016 agenda.
This is the power that Torrance residents have.
They do not need to settle for corruption, fraud, or nepotism.
Good government is not a privilege, but a right, one which the framers of the Constitution fought for, which we are required to maintain with our vigilance, or attention, our actions.
The fight is not over. We need better leadership, better governance on the city council. The unethical and unlawful actions of Mayor Pat Furey need to be addressed next.
Here are the comments which I would have read if the city council needed to discuss and take action on Patrick Furey Jr.
Good Evening, Torrance City Council:
Once again, the community at large must ask that you take responsibility for one of the members of the city commissions.
Patrick J. Furey has been fined and admonished three times for unfair political practices.
Let me read from the Daily Breeze editorial:
The Fair Political Practices Commission last month fined the mayor’s campaign, run by his son, a political consultant and volunteer commissioner, and others, $35,000 for hiding illegal contributions. FPPC investigators found that it was Furey Jr., however, who coordinated the contributions from McCormick Ambulance, a company that contracts with the city, and the Torrance firefighters union, to his father’s campaign.
Last year, around this time, Arthur Plourde was removed from a commission for pursuing a personal agenda.

With Patrick Furey Jr, we find professional and moral failings, both of which indicate that he needs to be removed.
The politics in this city is starting to stink, and it seems as though two sets of law are emerging.
We are not going to have two sets of law in this town.
One for those who are well-connected to elected officials, and one set of law for those who are not elected.
Enough is enough.
We have evidence of illegal collusion between the mayor’s campaign McCormick Ambulance and the firefighters’ union.
And one person in the middle of this political travesty is Pat Furey Jr.
He needs to go.
It is shameful and sad that members of the city have to keep putting pressure on this council to have him removed.
For the record, I do not care if one thousand people suddenly write positive thinks about Mayor Pat Furey or his son. And no, we are not political enemies because we expect city servants to behave above reproach.
A professional standing requires professional conduct, and Pat Furey Jr has repeatedly not measured up to that standard.
This city has too many special interests buying influence. The only influence which matters in local government is the local interest, operating within the clear guidelines of the state and federal constitutions, as well as our municipal code.
Regardless of whether Pat Jr. conduct on the traffic commission has been mediocre or exemplary, he needs to be removed.
Thank you.

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