Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Raul Ruiz: Doctor Discrimination

Congressman Raul Ruiz (D-Palm Desert) is in for the fight of his political career this year.

He is facing off against state senator Jeff Stone (R-Riverside), who carried a substantial portion of his district in 2014 to win.

Senator Stone represents a large part of Congressional District 36. He has a stronger name ID than the previous candidate, and has worked hard while staying true to conservative principles.

Dr. Ruiz better start paging some back-up.

He keeps trying to advertise himself as a moderate, or center-right Democrat.

Yet for the  past four months, his fundraising emails play up all the left-wing talking points.

He defends Planned Murderhood, even though he had taken an oath to "First, Do No Harm."

He relies on the gender card, arguing that women are not getting paid equal pay for equal work.

Every major economist has debunked that fraud.

Now he wants to play the "gay" card, suggesting that the states of North Carolina and Mississippi are actively discriminating against homosexual.

His fundraiser eblast listed the following:

SIGN YOUR NAME: Demand states repeal their new Anti-LGBTQ legislation >>
North Carolina and Mississippi recently passed bills that allow discrimination against the LGBTQ community in their state.

Excuse me? The North Carolina legislation merely ensures that women are protected in their privacy. Biology is not a crime, and does not discriminate in a negative way. The city of Charlotte, North Carolina tried to force an ordinance which would allow men into women's bathrooms, and vice versa.

This is moral and biological insanity. Transgenderism is a mental disorder, not a protected class. [Yes, I wrote it.] The North Carolina legislature and governor have done the right--and righteous--thing by codifying that individuals may only enter bathroom facilities which correspond with the gender listed on the birth certificate.

As for Mississippi, Governor Phil Bryant signed legislation to protect Christians, to protect all men and women of conscience who refuse to participate in celebratory same-sex activities. His courage should be admired and imitated,  not reviled.

These legislative actions are discriminatory in one sense: they respect the wholesome differences of male and female. These biological factors in all human beings should not be despised or altered, but respected and protected.

Homosexual conduct is a private decision, not a global class, either.

If anyone is engaging in bigotry, look no further than the rabid homosexual activists forcing churches, charities, small businesses, parents and students to submit and accept the pro-homosexual agenda ... or else!

Raul Ruiz: Doctor Discrimination

Ruiz continues in his fundraiser:

These sweeping discrimination bills have sent a message from the North Carolina and Mississippi government that they believe the LGBTQ community are second class citizens.

B---S----! They are simply protecting all North Carolinians and Mississippians!

But Dr. Raul Ruiz knows that the LGBTQ community deserves privacy and respect just like every American family.

They are not a community! This insanity must cease.

This Anti-LGBTQ legislation does not reflect American values or California’s family values of equality.

Pro-family and pro-reality legislation does reflect American values. As for values about California families ... families are not based on equality. Parents hold authority over their children. Fathers act as leaders, servant-heads of each household. Not equality, but submission is the key element.

That’s why it is so important we repeal this legislation immediately.

Who is "We"? These laws were passed in two different states. Why does Dr. Ruiz care about what is going on in two Southern states? Should he not be paying attention to what is happening in his Southern California district?

Final Reflection

The good doctor wants to end discrimination, but ends up supporting discrimination against people of faith as well as freedom of conscience.

This is wrong. This doctor needs a check up from the neck up.

And the voters of CD-36 need to vote for Jeff Stone for Congress!

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