Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Comments to Torrance City Council--April 12, 2016

Good Evening Torrance City Council.

My name is Arthur Schaper, long-time resident, life-long citizen.

I have not wanted to share these concerns about one member of this city council, but I will choose to speak my mind at this time.

Councilmember Tim Goodrich ran on a platform of “back to basics” for the city of Torrance.

To his credit, in spite of our ideological differences, he interviewed me—as did every other councilmember, when I sought a commission assignment.

Now, I will speak to the ideological differences, and how a clear disconnect from the needs and role of the city of Torrance with what I would call a “Big Green Agenda”.

I do not see how the pursuit of Community Choice Aggregation is a move back to basics.

I have spoken against that wasteful, unnecessary program.

I also do not see why seeking a letter of concurrence to have a proper replacement on the California Air Quality Management Board has any bearing on the day-to-day actions of this city.

I now see electric car chargers, resting empty. I don’t see anyone using them.

I have heard residents complain about the new street sweeping program, and how more people are getting parking tickets. Were these policies designed to comply with onerous federal laws?

Or were they designed as a fastidious measure to put more power in the hands of the city council at the expense of everyone else?

There has been a lot of talk in this city about whether individuals can rent out their homes through Airbnb, and then discussions about moratoriums, followed by more steps in a complicated process whether individual homeowners will be permitted to remodel their homes in certain parts of the city.

Cities are for citizens, and city councils are designed to meet those needs.

They are not here to serve as foils for a long-term, protracted, yet out of touch illiberal agenda.

Who does not care about clean water or clean air? Who does not want safe streets and secure homes, and a thriving community which does not pollute our environment?

But the strictures, the limits on people’s private property must stop.

And I am tired of seeing my city and my city council used as a spring for liberal agendas which do not benefit the city of Torrance, or the state of California.

And no, I will not be standing in front of anyone’s jeep to protest or profess my views.

And no, there is nothing foolish about speaking one’s mind, exercising one’s Freedom of Speech and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Thank you.

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