Thursday, April 14, 2016

Huntington Park, April 5th, 2016--Residents Following Our Example

Huntington Park, April 5th.

We the People Rising have now inspired other residents in the city to protest and petition their government.

Two issues stood out as serious, and in need of better response and direction from the city council, even though four of the five city councilmembers have descended into abject corruption.

Parents showed up to protest a charter school moving into some of the classrooms at the local traditional school.

Here are some of the photos with the parents and students protesting the city council:

Parents Protesting the Charter School
in Huntington Park

This parent was ready and willing to share his posters with us:

Notice that many of them were standing at the dais together during public comment.

Now, the city council can no longer prevent We the People Rising from doing the same thing.

Residents in the city also protested the establishment of three marijuana dispensaries in the city.

More of the residents feel comfortable confronting the city council.

The city cut funds for Fiesta Taxi.

The city council had to explain their limited role in connection with the land use of the local schools.

The council got hit a number of times over their determined interest to bring pot dispensaries into the city.

Valentin Amezquita reminded his colleagues and the audience that if people really needed pot, they could purchase what they needed in Los Angeles.

Final Reflection

Even if the Huntington Park City Counciil has not--yet--removed the two illegal aliens from the two city commissions, more residents of the city are pushing back against the corruption, the bad governance, the waste, and the nepotism.

I believe that We the People Rising have encouraged Huntington Park residents to speak up!

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