Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hillary: "Donald is Trying to Trick You!"

Here’s another eblast from the Hillary Clinton campaign to yours truly:

Donald Trump is preparing to pivot from this Republican primary to the general election -- and in order to make himself palatable to voters outside the Republican base, he’s preparing to undergo an extreme image makeover.

You noticed? I have read different reports which indicate he rejected that "advice".

“I’m very capable of changing to anything I want to change to,” he’s said. “At the right time, I will be so presidential, you will be so bored.”

No one has been bored watching the Donald tear up the TV screens and the airwaves.

No one has been bored in the slightest.

Trump thinks he can bully us, fool us, or cajole us into forgetting how he has derided women, Mexican Americans, Muslims, immigrants, and people with disabilities. He thinks he can trick the country into making him our president.

All of this talk about bullying, fooling, and then cajoling--it sounds a lot more like Hillary Clinton! She has been lying to voters for years. Millennials think that she is a total liar. How many of those Bernie supporters plan on turning out for HilLIARy in the general election?

But we know the truth of who Donald Trump is, and we’re not going to let anyone forget it.

Lot's of us know the truth about Donald, but more importantly we know the truth about YOU!

We’re not going to forget that Donald Trump called Mexican Americans criminals and rapists on the day he launched his campaign.

When did he say that all Mexicans are criminals and thugs? How many times has Hillary Clinton tried to apply to black or Hispanic voters? She tried to play herself up as "Abuelita" to Hispanic voters.

#NotMyAbuelita trended on Twitter the entire day. Hijole!

Or that he called for a ban on Muslims coming to America -- and surveillance of Muslims and mosques on American soil.

He sought a halt to Muslim immigration until this country's intelligence community can figure out what is going on. What is the problem here?

We won’t forget that he said he’d eliminate gun-free zones in schools on his first day in office, or that he advocated for the murder of innocent family members of suspected terrorists -- that’s a war crime, by the way.

I like the idea of getting rid of gun-free zones. Schools have turned into war zones because of the regressive, anti-security policies pushed by illiberal school administrators. Teachers are not even safe.

We’ll remember how he mocked a disabled journalist with crude gestures, and we’ll remember how he implied a female journalist who asked him tough questions was menstruating.

That sucked. He is not a class act. Remember: I am a Cruz supporter all the way. Still, Trump makes fun of a journalist. Hillary Clinton mocked the entire country when she winced "What difference does it make?!" about four dead diplomats in Benghazi.

She winks at all kinds of evil, including her predatory husband and of the Washington political class.

We won’t forget that he said women who get abortions deserve “some form of punishment.”

I won't forget that you think that a baby should be killed just because of "women's rights", even though most women do not share Hillary's extreme views on abortion.

We’ll remember how he incited violence at his rallies, encouraging his supporters to “knock the crap out of” protesters.

Ugh! How about the number of times #BlackLivesMatter has gone after Clinton campaign functions? What other kinds of violence has Hillary Clint incited? Look at the Middle East, where Islamic militants are targeting Christians for genocide. How many minority communities have endured the most cruel persecution, all because of the Obama-Clinton doctrine of "Do Nothing in the Face of Evil"?

And we won’t forget that when he received the endorsement of the notorious former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, Trump said he didn’t know enough about white supremacists to disavow their support.

Klansmen are supporting Hillary Clinton, too. How many other racist #BlackLivesMatter activists are lining up behind her campaign? La Raza activists want a Hillary Clinton presidency for the open borders. They have recently target pro-law enforcement activists with "Go Back to F---king Europe!"


Arthur, the prospect of a Trump presidency is terrifying -- and if we don’t hold him accountable for what he has said and done in this primary, he could win.

I want Ted Cruz for President, but the thought of a Hillary Clinton Presidency would motivate me just enough to vote for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is an old, wannabe Social Justice Princess who thinks that her pantsuits will do away with all the evil in the world.

Then again, she really doesn't believe in evil, or she would have to acknowledge who strong dalliances with dictators and alliance with rampant perversions in our society. She shames everyone who disagrees with her, just as her dark mentor Saul Alinsky taught her to.

So here’s what we need to do: Get to know his real record backwards and forwards. Talk to our friends and neighbors to make sure they know it, too. Grow a nationwide community that refuses to let Trump get away with what he’s said and done in this election -- we won’t let him fool voters into thinking he’s any kind of reasonable.

Guess what, Hillary?! We are learning your record, how backward you really are, and how forward we can be without you in the Presidency. As for all the precious snowflakes who hate Trump's blunt, blatant audacity, I don't see how they have managed to stop him.

The networks keep covering him, and he keeps getting high marks. Hillary Clinton gets more coverage, and more voters see what a trashy liar she really is.

And we have not yet begun to discuss--let alone dissect--Clinton Cash.

And one more thing -- we need to build a campaign strong enough to take him down. If you’re with Hillary, chip in right now to claim your free sticker, and let’s get to work:

Two words: Hill No!

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