Friday, April 15, 2016

Why Will They Not Believe Him?

This is not a Messianic cry of frustration or despair.

The above question is a quaint reaction to the non-stop rejection of conservative Trump supporters for Ted Cruz.

They despise him for his initial support for the H-1b Visa program. When he acknowledged the abuses and changed his mind on the program, pro-enforcement factions still give Cruz no respite.

When he had advocated for the TPA authority to facilitate trade deals with other countries, he argued for these reforms in order to help American companies and workers. As criticism rose against the program, Cruz would vote against the TPP accords to follow.

And yet … pro-Trump forces will cut Cruz no slack for changing his mind, in spite of the fact that Trump has vocally reversed himself in debates and in interviews, without thinking twice about the possible damage to his public perception.

His record shows a wildly public man committed to popularity and power, not principle.

Why do the current Trump supporters not see Ted Cruz as a viable and welcome alternative, especially now, since he is sweeping the delegate contests extensively?

Ted Cruz has not cheated his way to a nomination. He invested time, resources, and manpower into an incredible infrastructure. He took no state, no city, no delegate for granted during this exciting yet contentious primary season.

Politics many be an adjudication of power, but the right touch of persuasion induces delegates to support one candidate over another in this fractious, contested primary.

Did Donald Trump really think that he is national, media-hyped popularity would be enough for him to win the necessary number of delegates?

Let's remind one another that the RNC laid down the convention and delegate rules long in advance.

The several states followed a similar pattern.

So, where does Donald Trump get this idea from that Cruz is stealing the nomination from under his nose? Is anyone is paying attention and knows how to count, they will recognize that the final delegate count has not finished. Donald the Dealmaker is making a big deal out of the wrong issue. Trump has run out of charisma. He needs to work, and there are still so many delegates to scoop up in the remaining primaries.

Wisconsin was the beginning of the end for the Trump Train. And it is a YUGE reversal for the front-runner.

And yet ...

His most ardent, loyal supporters remain convinced that the whole process is rigged against Trump. Cruz is a dirty, lying cheat in their view, simply because their winning frontrunner is not winning any more.

The blind loyalty I have heard from the harshest Cruz critics (ardent Trump supporters, of course) is particularly disturbing.

"Ted Cruz is ineligible!" they claim over and over.

How many more courts will have to rule against their legal presumptions until they accept the obvious.

His mother is a citizen, so Ted Cruz himself is a citizen. Why are we still raging about this issue?

They are so enamored with Trump, and they cannot see anyone else coming close to accomplishing the same kind of anti-Washington antics.

And yet ...

Donald Trump donated to Democratic candidates at all levels of government.

He has held some of the most illiberal positions imaginable. He was very, very pro-choice, according to one Twitter he had published in 2013.

He faced a civil lawsuit for using illegal aliens on his construction projects. Illegals are still working in companies associated with Trump.

He was pro-gun control, pro-gay marriage, and pro just about every other progressive position one can think of.

He has a loose understanding of policy issues.

For the past year, he could utter the most politically incorrect statements imaginable and get away with it. The media depended on him to help pay their bills. Even when they tried to attack him, it made no difference.

Today, the delegates which Trump needs to win the nomination will not be swayed by media sound-bites. They are invested, integrated into the political party and power system. They are not establishment figures. since they work so closely with local and state operations.

They are wonks, and they want more than a vain repetition of the same promises.

For all of this, Trump supporters will not believe Ted Cruz. They continue to argue that conventions and delegates are getting stolen.

They argue that Cruz is an unapologetic globalist who wants to subvert American sovereignty to multinational corporate interests. They are even willing to believe the National Enquirer that Cruz has had affairs, including five mistresses, and no restraint of private issues.

Does anyone really believe this nonsense?

How could Cruz possible sit in the pockets of Big Banks, if he has resisted their crony legislation year after year in the US Senate? I cannot fathom how anyone can believe that a political figure would stand on the floor of the US Senate, resist intemperate political forces even within his own party.

Cruz has stood for principle, and fought for what he believes in.

And yet ...

Why don't a plurality of voters believe him? Why do they numerous errors and cognitive dissonance of the weakening Republican front-runner?

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