Sunday, April 17, 2016

AD-66 is Our Seat, Speaker Rendon!

Anthony Rendon has already exposed how out of touch he is with the rest of the state of California.

When he discussed the Democratic Party's chances in 2016, he gives off the fraudulent notion that the seats already belong to him:

From the Sacramento Bee:

Q: What kind of landscape do you think Assembly Democrats face going into this (election) cycle?

A: It’s hard to tell how the presidential election has an impact on what happens here. I expect that we’ll pick up at least one seat for sure.

Q: Whose seat?

A: I think we’ll pick up (former Assemblyman) Al Muratsuchi’s seat. … I think we have a good shot at (Republican Assemblywoman) Catharine Baker’s seat.

First, Rendon suggests only one seat.

Then he indicates two.

What was really offensive about this portrayal?

"I think we'll pick up Al Muratsuchi's seat."

Uh, excuse me?!

It's our seat, Speaker! It does not belong to you!

The South Bay Seat, not Al Muratsuchi's!

It does not belong to Al Muratsuchi, either! 

He lost it fair and square, despite millions of special interest dollars from outside the district.

If he needed so much money from statewide and federal interests, then all the more Speaker Rendon cannot call AD-66 "Muratsuchi's seat".

He did not fight for he, he did not win it with his own connections, and more residents, leaders, and policy makers are siding with his successor.

David Hadley enjoyed a more successful tenure in the state assembly than his predecessor.

Despite his status as a freshman in the minority party, Hadley has accomplished more in two years. He worked through a school choice bill to help military families. He fought for SCROC and pro-environment policies which won't hurt average Californians.

He has voted against every tax increase.

He has led the charge to stop the stupid, wasteful, and abortive Crazy Train.

Education reforms, economic development, please a keen respect for the diverse of the South Bay, David Hadley has represented the constituents of the entire region.

Residents here feel that he works for them, rather than the other way around.

Rendon labels this region according to Democratic operatives. How about honoring the individuals contributions which alone make this state great?

Including David Hadley. 

Hands off, Speaker Rendon! AD-66 is our seat, not yours!

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