Friday, April 29, 2016

Anaheim Police: Arrest this Racist Anti-Trumptard!

April 26th, 2016.

The Anaheim City Council discussed a resolution to censure Donald Trump for his divisive, offensive rhetoric.

Trump supporters, and Free Speech supporters in large numbers, demonstrated in front of Anaheim city council to protest this outrageous and inappropriate decision.

Anti-Trump forces also showed up to push their hatred for the GOP Presidential front-runner.

One of them attacked members of We the People Rising.

This should not take so long. He should have been arrested by now!

This young wannabe social justice warrior pepper-sprayed We the People Rising.

Here is the video.

Notice that We the People Rising director Robin Hvidston asked for the Trump supporters.

Were any of them violent? Were any of them shouting abusive threats and slurs?


In fact, she was directing every individual at the scene, who was demonstrating on behalf of Donald Trump not to engage petty hateful attacks and the noisy, irreverent protesters.

Men and women gathered before the city council, all clad in patriotic splendor. They love this country, and like them I am tired of petty little children in adult bodies badgering law-abiding citizens.

Yes, I wrote citizens.

Some of the young voices started shouting "No Donald Trump."

We the People Rising responded in support for the presidential front-runner

And the attacks grew heated.

Hvidston continued to speak out against the resolution, and yet the anti-Trumptards continued shouting over her and tried to drown out her straightforward comments.

Why? What?!

Who is violent? Not the Trump supporters!

I also noticed a diverse crowd of Americans supporting Trump. Hispanic and black as well as white.

Where do people get off playing the race card against Trump supporters?

One young anti-Trumptard got disturbingly close to Mike McGetrick, and took pictures of him right in his face. Talk about invading one's personal space!

Then it got worse. A violent thug got in Raul Rodriguez' face and pepper-sprayed him.

Here is the photo of the young, racist hoodlum who attacked the peaceful protesters:

Police detail showed up soon after.

In the video, a left-wing activist curses at the crowd: "Hillary is gonna win, you F---king worthless mother f---ers!"

Peaceful protesters, huh?

What are the local authorities waiting for?

The young male in the picture above pepper-sprayed innocent people.

Arrest the racist anti-Trumptard!

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