Sunday, April 24, 2016

Act As Big As You Are, Republicans!

The Republican Party, whether nationally or in the several states, is actually in the strongest state it has ever been in years.

Yes, the Presidential contest is contentious, and the lingering fears of the unknown cloud the consultant and political classes about the future of this country.

Their limited fortunes certainly are in doubt, but a necessary clash of ideas has emerged once again.
Political correctness is getting called out for what it is: fraud and deceit with style, and a dash of shame for those who speak out and disagree.

The Republican Party, the party of conservative principles, of free market ideas, of individual liberty, limited government, and local control, should be winning at the local, state, and federal level.
What is going on, though? Why do we not see the foundation principles of life, liberty, and opportunity at work across the country?

Perhaps this picture will provide insight into the conservative dilemma.

This photograph showcases the Democratic speaker of the California State Assembly, Anthony Rendon of Paramount, a region in the Southeastern section of Los Angeles County. His district is also well-known for having the highest concentration of municipalities with the poorest, lowest qualities of life.

He is embracing the Republican minority leader, Chad Mayes of Yucca Valley, one of the reddest regions in the state. Indeed, California is a red state, but for two heavily dominant Democratic urban centers: Los Angeles County and Alameda County (the Bay Area).

Should these two population centers destroy the riches, resources, and restoration for the rest of the state? Such things should not be.

The Democratic Party has bad ideas, a weak grasp of reality, and an out-of-touch mode of interaction with the general public which should have put them out to pasture (or early retirement) a long time ago.

Democratic hegemony in certain states is a tragic example of “Tyranny of the weak.”
The Speaker of the California State Assembly is celebrating Minority Leader Mayes birthday. He is reaching up, almost like a hapless puppy, or a helpless kitten, or a little child trying to be held.

This photograph exposes considerable weakness or lack of stability from Anthony Rendon and represents the inherent instability of the California (and national) Democratic Party.
Big Chad Mayes, the newly Assembly minority leader, towers over Rendon. He has to reach down to embrace him, or rather let the Speaker hang on himself.
In spite of this explicit power differential, who has all the power in the state assembly?
Little Tony.
Who should have the power, based not just on physical capacities, but moral aspirations and financial understanding? Big Chad.
Little Tony tries to hug Big Chad
Can someone please tell me what is wrong with this picture?!

This comical photo captures the tragic political realities dominating the state of California and the country.

The Democratic Party is a weak organization. They have no ideas, they have no successes. Liberals are illiberal, regressive, backward, and negligible. They campaign on big promises, but deliver dismal results. They have succeeded at driving businesses, homeowners, entrepreneurs, middle class families, college students etc. out of California.

What kind of speaker, what kind of leadership does Rendon represent? Or the national Democratic Party? Barack Obama cannot stand up to evil. He apologizes for American’s worthy past.
Neither of them really care about those whom they are supposed to represent.

Consider the latest scandals of legislation passed out of Sacramento …

The $15 forced minimum wage hike will force more Millennials and minorities into unemployment.
California’s high taxes and fees are stealing money from struggling families. The liberal power-brokers care more about protecting fish and plants rather than watching out for the people who make the state of California great.

Republican values can set this state—and this country—on the right path (and "right" in every sense of the word).

Housing does not have to be unaffordable.

Water could be plentiful.

A thriving economy with good schools and bright prospects would make California shine, then restore the glorious luster of the United States.

Every Californian should be able to find competitive work and wages to prosper and thrive in the seventh richest economy in the world.

And yet ...

Little Tony and his stupid little agenda is causing nothing but big trouble. Little Barry in Washington DC wants to fundamentally transform a country which has served this world by transforming millions of tired, huddled masses from nothing to something.

Republicans can--and should be--head and shoulders above the Democrats on every level.

And yet … why is Big Chad taking orders from Little Tony?

California Republicans are thinking like the Democrats, or viewing them as the potent, insurmountable force.

“They have always been there,” they say to themselves.

“We cannot overcome them with our better ideas, with our right answers.”
Instead of fighting for what works and for who they are, the Republicans choose to see themselves as little, as petty, as weak.

This disjunction from reality would be funny, if it weren't so sad.

Like a lion running from a mouse, that is how the California GOP has been behaving before the flimsy, nonsensical Democrats.

Enough is enough.

Republicans, life up your heads, square your shoulders.

It's time to start acting like the better party that you are, head and shoulders above the competition!
National GOP, don’t let the seemingly sad state of affairs define your future. Little Tony (and Little Barry) are just that.

Think big, plan bold, and start doing great things again, Republicans!

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