Saturday, April 23, 2016

CA College Republicans Rally For Hadley

California College Republicans for Hadley

Election 2016 is going to be a wild year.

And a year where California politics will influence the national discussion and dynamic.

For the first time in decades, California will play a significant role in who will be the nominee for hte major parties. Republicans in this blue state (actually, a red state dominated by two liberal urban areas in Los Angeles and the Bay Area) are gearing up for a much higher than expected turnout.

This rise in the final balloting may help California Republican candidates. More Democrats and Decline to State voters are joining the Republican Party so that they can vote for ... Donald Trump.

Whatever one may think of his policies or rhetoric, his celebrity stronghold over the media can give Republicans an edge in a stater where the Democratic Party has edged them out deliberately--and definitively--for the past twenty years.

And in the state of California, and for the country, there is one section, one assembly seat where the fate of the Golden State rests precariously.

The South Bay, Los Angeles County Assembly District.

The 66th Assembly District is Ground Zero for the state of California, and for the California Republican Party in particular.

We win this seat a second time, the South Bay will be a safe haven once again for the Republican Party.

Not an outpost of isolated conservative courage, but a beach head where young guns will fight for life, liberty, and opportunity to take back Los Angeles County and California for We the People.

The Rebel Alliance is strong, ready to fight to the end.

The Democrats, in full connection with Big Labor, Big Business, and ever self-serving special interest, will pour in every resource available to take over and take the reins of power once again.

In 2014, the California Democratic dominance facade began to crack

David Hadley (with a lot of moral support but not a lot of party funding until the end) defeated a smug, entitled Democratic incumbent in 2014.

And yet the margin of victory was less than 1%.

How many votes? 706!

And the turnout was lower than expected. It was the sixth-year itch, and many Democrats had not turned out to vote.

Will a similar disillusionment draw down the liberal turnout in 2016? Perhaps.

Regardless of the top of the ticket on the Democratic side, Election 2016 will have a bigger turnout with bigger money from the left-wing Democratic Machine.

But ...

David Hadley has a bigger community of support, with the South Bay 300.

He will also have a bigger base  of volunteers.

We have not even entered the final month before the primary, and College Republicans are pouring in to help David hold his seat and help California Republicans bring balance back to the Golden State.

Students from Chapman University, USC, UC Irvine (Go Anteaters!), and Cal State University Channel Islands showed up and showed their support.

It's a Saturday, people. Shouldn't these kids be taking a break from their studies? Or shouldn't they be cramming for their next exam?

These young Republicans can take on the heavy load of course work and political canvassing.

The Secretary for the California College Republicans came down and helped, too!

Special thanks to these young conservatives for stepping up, so soon and so early.

As we approach the June 7th primary it is vital that every stakeholder in the state steps up and rallies the South Bay for David Hadley.

Young conservatives have heeded the call and are stepping up for the win.

This fight is for everyone. If your assembly seat or Congressional district is safe (or impossible), mobilize your forces down to the South Bay and help the Rebel Alliance beat back the Democratic Empire!

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