Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Love Mississippi! (And North Carolina, Too!)

Spell it! Shout it! Read all about it!
Let freedom ring! Righteousness is on the rise!
I love Mississippi!
Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant
In the Magnolia State, Governor Phil Bryant signed HB 1523, otherwise known as “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act”.
Governor Bryant (just reelected last November) demonstrated that there is still courage and integrity in the world.
While Georgia Governor Nathan Deal caved to Big Business, Bryant defiantly refused to meet with left-wing agitators and the craven Chamber of Compromise, er Commerce.
He simply signed off on one of the most sweeping pro-religious liberty bills yet.
While the Georgia bill (still under veto) only protected pastors from officiating same-sex weddings, the Mississippi law ensures that every individual, whether in church or state capacity, can refuse to participate in certain activities (bake a cake for a gay wedding, officiate a ceremony, etc) if those actions violate the proprietor’s individual freedom of religion.
And of course … the vain-scream media pouted and jeered, playing the “hate” card as hard as they could.
Here are some remarkably biased examples.
From the shrilly, shrilly liberal Washington Post:
Mississippi governor signs law allowing businesses to refuse service to gay people
Oh, yeah, that’s right – “No soup for you, gay people!” No, that’s not what this law is about.
For once, the title of a bill was accurate. The Mississippi law protects individuals from government discrimination.
Mississippi Senate Passes sweeping ‘religious liberty’ bill
Yes, sweeping and impressive! But why put “religious liberty” in quotes? Is it a bad thing?
Gov. Bryant Stands Up to Liberal Bullying, Signs Mississippi Religious Freedom Bill
Yes, indeed. Liberals are bullies.
They seek to isolate, marginalize, shame, and then silence their opposition.
The latest target? Christians and conservative communities. How about anyone who holds an opinion contrary to the liberal agenda, and refuses to give it up?
Christians in many entrepreneurial firms have faced enough discrimination from their government, whether state or federal, simply for refusing to participate in certain activities. The plight of the Oregon bakers (hit with a $135,0000 fine for refusing to bake a gay wedding cake) is the most harrowing example of political correctness turned into tyranny.
And of course, the double-standard applies only to Christians. No one raised alarms whenMuslim bakers refused to make a wedding cake for a gay wedding.
If left unchecked, this LGBT tyranny will only get worse.
The Mississippi statute ensures that the liberty will shine forth for all. Where Arizona, Indiana, and Arkansas had failed, Mississippi’s governor succeeded.
Bear in mind that Big Business and the progressive LGBT Left protested, hollered, and threw up a huge PC smokescreen to make the measure appear like a codified form of bigotry. Nothing of the sort, and every American–not just Christians–should breathe a freeing sigh of relief.
And there’s more to celebrate …
North Carolina Governor
Pat McCrory
I love North Carolina!
The Tar Heel State passed a similar law to Mississippi’s last year, protecting the individual liberties of private parties and civil servants. Before the legislation, North Carolina judges were resigning instead of officiate homosexual weddings.
Today, their jobs are protected, and their conscience remains free to believe and practice the truth about marriage, regardless of the Supreme Court’s arbitrary dictates. The only down-side to that victory? Conservative Republican Governor Pat McCrory vetoed the bill, fearing the repercussions.
The state legislature still holds a Republican supermajority, however, and they overrode McCrory’s veto, a reminder that our rights override the disregard of the current Supreme Court to our Constitution.
To his credit, McCrory has signed off on another bill, HB 2, requiring every individual to use the public restroom according to his or her biological sex, designated on their birth certificate.
What has happened to this world, that states must enact laws affirming the blessed simplicity and distinction of male and female?
This Transgender agenda is just plain destructive. To be born male or female is not something to be ashamed of. Someone who feels that he or she should be a he instead of a she–that person needs help, not enabling.
In California, the state legislature forced a measure allowing transgendered youth to go into their public school’s bathroom according to the gender which they identify with, rather than in conformity with their biology. This is wrong. This is abusive. And this will lend itself to abuse.
North Carolina is two steps ahead of this cultural Marxist insanity. Since when did the battle of sexes become a battle over redefining these core values?
Governor McCrory did not cave to Big Business and the Progressive LGBT Left on this one. Whether out of principle (he recognizes male and female as static realities) or out of politics (the legislature would have overridden his veto), the governor is defending the immutable truths of gender.
The state’s responses to the Big Business Bullies have been epic!
California-based PayPal was prepared to open an office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now, because men cannot go into women’s bathrooms, they are declining the bid. The Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest issued the following:
“[I]f our action in keeping men out of women’s bathrooms and showers protected the life of just one child or one woman from being molested or assaulted then it was worth it.”
Forest is also warning other industry leaders that North Carolina is not backing down. “If a corporation wanting to do business in North Carolina does not see the worth of our children in the same light then I wish them well as they do business somewhere else.”
I would have added: “Good luck finding a better business climate!”
The Governor defended the law, too, and indicated that the state would not back down on protecting women (and men!):
” I’m proud of us protecting the privacy rights of individuals and not putting burdensome regulations on business and letting them make the decision, not government make the decision.”
Amen to that!

Let’s pray for Governors Bryant and McCrory, that they stand their ground and for the truth in this very contentious time!

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