Monday, April 18, 2016

Who Has the Best Immigration Numbers? (Not Whom You Would Think!)

The latest reports from NumbersUSA shocked me.

Pro-Immigration enforcers and activists in the United States refer to this guide in order to determine which federal legislastors measure up on this contentious federal issue ...

and which candidates and officials are failing to do their job.

Normally, prospective voters pay attention to what a Presidential candidate says or promises to do.

NumbersUSA takes a consummate approach, looking at prior votes, financial support, and established values.

According the latest reports, the Presidential candidate with the best score per NumbersUSA,

the best candidate for American worker protection is Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz

Here are the more specific statistics:

Updated: 03/16/16
White House

2016 Presidential Hopefuls

(Click on photos for quotes)
Reduce competition from – and enticement for – ILLEGAL WORK FORCE
Prevent competition from AMNESTIED WORKERS
Reduce unfair competition from FUTURE IMMIGRANT WORKERS

Who would have believed this slight difference?

But the difference is there.

Donald Trump has talked a good game.

Immigration has returned as a forefront issue in Election 2016 because of his relentless prodding on this issue.

What about John Kasich? Why does he score so abysmally on this report card?

He supports work permits for illegals, or at least he refuses to prevent them. He has not plan for ending the VISA overstay abuses. He shows less of an embrace for implementing E-Verify.

As for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, their agenda focuses on fairness for illegal aliens while diminishing the needs of Americans first.

Still, how surprising that Ted Cruz, whom some consider an "Establishment" candidate has a better record on immigration enforcement and pro-American immigration policy than the current frontrunner ...

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