Monday, May 2, 2016

Carly Announces Why She is Cruz VP

Last week, Ted Cruz gambled on a strange political move to salvage his campaign.

He tapped former Hewlett-Packard CEO and US Senate (later Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

Besides Ted, Carly is getting nothing but flack from Trump supporters. Naturally. The front-runner routinely mocked and belittled her for her looks

She also endured criticism from conservatives in other quarters, including myself.

Her campaign for President changed my mind, and hopefully her bid for VP will change more minds.

Sure, she lost an otherwise winnable race six years ago.

She had a lot to learn about campaigning on the national stage. She was new to the politics business in 2010, especially in liberal California, where Republicans are finally regaining their footing. At the time. I thought she was a middle-of-the road competitor. Then her incumbent-opponent, the retiring Barbara Boxer, slammed her repeatedly over her record with Hewlett-Packard. The corporation thrived, then dived under her leadership (even though the company was better off at the end of Fiorina’s tenure as CEO.)

Her answers seemed sedate, without any strong conviction. She talked a lot about jobs, but not about the moral fiber of our country, and the core necessity to fight against the closed, sclerotic order of the Democratic Party.

For Election 2016, she dazzled on the debate stage and on media platforms. She not only improved her demeanor and debating skills, she developed more of herself for everyone to see. As the one woman running for President on the Republican ticket, she showed herself to measure up with her male peers. Her erudite answers, her foreign policy experience, her unshakable hold to values--look at that face, that mind, and everything else connected to it.

Carly was something else! I wish that this Carly had run for US Senate in 2010. 

What had changed over the past five years? She stopped doing what the consultants told her to do. She started speaking her mind--and what a mind. She started listening to the concerns of Americans around the country. With so much to worry about, we need a real leader.

She sparred effectively with the media. She spoke effectively on The View and Fox News. Always smiling, yet unafraid of conflict, she staked out conservative views and values, without running away or taunting her opponents. Carly is a real lady, full of class, but not afraid to fight. What a President she would have been, a chief executive who could lead with direct courage. Rightly Ted Cruz affirms that Hillary Clinton would be afraid of her.

Her eblast explaining her decision to join Ted Cruz as VP is inspiring as well as revealing:

Today, I am proud to announce that I have accepted Ted Cruz's offer to be his Vice Presidential nominee.

Carly Fiorina

As a loyal supporter, I want to tell you why:

It's clear the media elites are ready to anoint Donald Trump as the Republican nominee before this race is even over. It's also clear, that Donald Trump's nomination would be a disaster for America.

Let's focus on making America great again, Carly informs us. This election is about more than one set of candidates, an election cycle, or a few ambitious conservative partisans.

If Trump is our nominee, conservatives will be forced to choose between two liberals in November: both corrupt, both big government crony capitalists, and both part of the system that has gotten us in the mess we're in.

Let's not forget how much money the Donald donated to the Hillary, and her coven of illiberal Democrats; and not just in Washington DC, but in state and local races.

Over the past weeks, I've traveled the country with Senator Cruz and his wife Heidi. I have come to know him and his family.

I know the Ted Cruz the media won't tell you about – the loving father, the devoted husband, the movie buff. (Did you know he can recite every single line from The Princess Bride?)

How many know this much about Ted Cruz? The mainstream media will never reveal such command details about Cruz, since they fawn over Donald Trump, and the attending violent protests.

Ted Cruz is a constitutional conservative who has made enemies in both parties – because he's dared to stand up to bipartisan corruption in Washington.

The American people are raging at the establishment. They despise both parties for making promises they did not keep, and for taking money they would never repay.
Why not elect these two outsiders?

He has fought tirelessly to change the system. And I know, if elected, he will bring back American jobs, protect our constitutional freedoms, and defend our nation.

Our country is being taken away by the elites, the crony capitalists, and the special interests that have captured both parties. They want to take away what we treasure about this nation.

As you have heard me say before, we need to take our country back. I believe Ted Cruz is the man to lead that fight now. And I am prepared to give everything I have to ensure we defeat Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

"Take our country back"---I like the sound of that!

Make no mistake: this is a fight now. Ted and I can't do this without your help.

But this fight is about all of us.

This appeal--"this fight is about all of us"--signals true leadership.

It's about whether we want our kids to be able to get a good paying job when they get out of school. It's about whether we want to turn our backs on religious liberty and our second amendment. It's about whether we want to live in a nation that secures its borders and calls Islamic terrorism by its name.

Yes to all three goals, Carly!

Final Reflection:

I was wrong about Fiorina. She learned from her bid for US Senate, and she is teaching us today.

California--and the entire country--will be blessed if she becomes Vice President, with Ted Cruz as our next President.

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