Thursday, April 14, 2016

First Amendment DOA in our Cities (Montebello)?

As I had reported, a Montebello Police officer named Zarate told me that I could not pass out flyers at the Montebello Unified School Board meeting.

I confronted the school board and the superintendent, Susana Contreras-Smith about this violation of the First Amendment.

 I have submitted a complaint to the Pacific Justice Institute.

I could not believe that a police officer would pull me--or anyone else--aside and demand that I stop passing out flyers.

This lunacy must end.

The First Amendment has been under attack in terrible, unprecedented fashion.

The biggest reason why, in my view?

More people are exercising their rights to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

From the Bell Scandals of 2010 to the criminal actions of Huntington Park, the latest violations of municipal codes and election laws in Torrance, men and women, citizens of this country, are standing up and demanding good government from their elected officials.

They are reminding the political class and the bureaucratic elements in our country, as well a law enforcement and our professional civil servant class--you are responsible to faithful abide our nation's charter and the rule of law in your states and cities.


I hope that "We the People Rising" will have a chance to visit Montebello Unifed.

We need to confront the Superintendent at the school district, who supposedly gave the order to the police not to allow any distribution of flyers in the school board main building.

We also need to hold one of the School Trustees to the fire:

Edgar Cisneros.

He is aiding and abetting the criminal activities of the Huntington Park City Council as the current city manager.

The city is facing multi-million dollar debt. Crime is rampant in the city.

And of course, the city council decided to appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions, in direct violation of federal and state law.

This abuse of power needs to stop in all cities.

Limited government, individual liberty, and constitutional rule must be the norm, the standard, the restoration in our communities.

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