Thursday, April 14, 2016

It's Time for Mass-Resistance!

I have been a writer for five years, give or take my foray into published commentary during my college days. Not just in my native California, but also in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, a local media source offered me the chance to comment on the local issues there with a California/national flair.
I started following a harrowing account of Big Government gone wild, and unchecked.
In Rhode Island, a civil servant was barred from running for the US Senate because of an arbitrary municipal code, which would have forced him to resign in pursuit of elected office. Unbelievable!
In another series, I followed up on a Rhode Island radio talk show host, whom the labor unions were targeting for removal. Whatever happened to free speech?
More family-related issues got my attention, too, even as the national media was refusing to pay attention.
Justine Pelletier of Connecticut was held against her and her parents' will as the ward of the state of Massachusetts. The Department of Children and Families had decided that the parents were abusing their daughter. Only pressure from a select number of pro-family groups finally forced the government to release her to local custody in Connecticut once again.
According to my editor, he learned about her release and relocation because of my efforts!
During this time, I got in touch with an activist group called MassResistance.
Catchy name. And an amiable goal.

Brian Camenker, the President of the organization, explains the purpose of the group at the top of its website: "Had enough? You can make a difference. Get involved! We're the pro-family action center for Massachusetts -- and beyond!"
More specifically, what have they "had enough" with?
The group protects parents' rights and fights to stop the aggressive homosexual, leftist agenda attack on children and families.
The attacks from the Progressive LGBT Left are not just targeting churches, charities, and small businesses.
The whole movement focuses on public schools, seeking to indoctrinate children and undermine parental authority.
At first, I thought this concern about individual rights and the attack on the family unit was fear-mongering.
My contacts in New England informed me otherwise.
"This is about more than what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes. This is an attack on individual liberty," one source was telling me. "This is an agenda that will go into schools. Can you imagine the teacher telling third graders that they could be gay."
Whoa! This has to stop!
But do I really have to worry about this agenda affecting me?
I did not believe that the "gay rights" and "gay marriage" movement does not affect you and me.
Then I watched this powerful documentary by MassResistance director Brian Camenker:

If you have not watched the video above, you need to right now!
I have worked with young conservatives for a few years. Many of them are pretty laissez-faire about personal decisions. More of them are pro-life, though, because of incredible advances in technology.
When it comes to same-sex marriage, however, many of them don't care or they support it.
When I showed one conservative Millennial the threat posed by the Militant Gay agenda to individual liberty (based on the above video), however, as documented above, he agreed with my sense of alarm.
Brian's group has not been afraid to confront this issue head-on.
Homosexuality has become a militant ideology which needs to be confronted ... and stopped.
The health concerns associated with the behavior need to be addressed, too.
And MassResistance has not been afraid to address those concerns ... and to fight those fights!
Check out these videos from their "Stand4Truth" conference. Pastors, doctors, professionals of all backgrounds told the truth about homosexuality, and the political, cultural, and economic forces behind the Gay Agenda.
This counter-movement, or rather restorative movement, is about the truth, and every Christian knows: "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." (John 8: 32)
If you have not joined the movement to restore and promote pro-life and pro-family values, now is the time.
Don't sit down for an aggressive, destructive, left-wing agenda. Get up, stand firm, and resist!
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for Mass-Resistance!

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