Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Comments to the Cudahy City Council: April 11, 2016

Good evening Cudahy City Council.
I did not have time (nor interest) to attend the State of the City address, so let’s review what should have been said:

1.       The city council pretends to be new, young, and transparent leadership. In reality, they are playing the same old corrupt games, just with less experience.

2.       The councilmembers have resorted to hollow attacks behind anonymous social media posts to shame their critics.
We the People of Cudahy protest
Los Corruptitos de Cudahy

3.       Councilman Chris Garcia stormed out of a meeting after attacking the audience, followed by the mayor, who had refused to restore order.

4.       This council has routinely suppressed public comment, calling last-minute special sessions, only to cancel them at the last minute.

5.       The LA County District Attorney had to rebuke this council for their systematic abuse and interruption of the public’s right to speech and petition of this government. That’s that First Amendment, if you were not aware, a document which each of you swore to uphold.

6.       This council awarded lavish contracts for labor unions and private vendors, friends or political allies.

7.       High fees and fines have been levied on the working-class residents of this community, all while cutting short services, including city hall office hours.

8.       And last of all, this council claims greater authority than the federal government, announcing a sanctuary city policy in violation of our national charter, and at greater risk for all Cudahy citizens.

In short, the state of the city is in much worse under Markovich’s tenure.

Now, let’s just announce the obvious.

Cristian Hernandez will be the next mayor, and Baru Sanchez will be the next Vice-Mayor.

Everyone in this city knows that you worked out a backroom deal to keep the corruption, malfeasance, and waste going for one more year.

This leadership scheme was already worked out behind the scenes. I dare you to prove me wrong this evening.

Frankly, the only member fit to serve as mayor of this city is Jack Guerrero.

He is a working man who has a record of accomplishment and accountability.

He is the only man, and the only man sitting on that dais who has placed the needs of the community ahead of himself or his future ambitions.

In one word, he is a servant of the people, as opposed to the rest of you, serving yourselves at the expense of the people, which is what the remaining four councilmembers have done.

Thank you,

Arthur Schaper

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