Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ICYMI: Drug Decrim Hurts Drug Lord's Crime Sprees

Christine Rousselle informed Townhall readers that the push to decriminalize marijuana use and possession has given birth to some side benefits.

Actually, traditional libertarians has expected these positive outcomes well in advance followed legalization.

Rouselle reports:

According to data released by the U.S. Border Patrol, 2015 saw the lowest amount of marijuana seized at the U.S./Mexican border in a decade, and Mexican manufacturers of (illegal) marijuana say that drug prices have dropped dramatically since some states have legalized the recreational use and production of the drug.

So, we know that the decrease in seizure has nothing to do with lack of enforcement.

It would be nice to see border patrol stopping, seizing, then deporting illegal aliens, smugglers, and coyotes.

Rouselle them cited the following report:

The U.S. Border Patrol has released 2015 data showing that the number of marijuana seizures throughout the southwest U.S./Mexico border has fallen to the lowest level in a decade, the Washington Post reports.

Mexican manufacturers of illegal marijuana bricks have driven down prices as residents in California, Colorado, and Washington state now have safe access to reasonably affordable medical marijuana and/or recreational cannabis.

“Two or three years ago, a kilogram [2.2 pounds] of marijuana was worth $60 to $90,” a Mexican marijuana grower told NPR news in December 2014. “But now they’re paying us $30 to $40 a kilo. It’s a big difference. If the U.S. continues to legalize pot, they’ll run us into the ground.”

Imagine what would happen if every state decriminalized this drug?

At least the federal group should look into defederalizing enforcement or criminalization of this product.

The cartels lose money, they lose power.

Can you imagine this country not having to worry about the odious drug wars along the Southern border?

I can see the cut in profits taking down the cartels. and also ending the influx of illegal immigrants and their rampant criminal activities.

There is more to this story. Rouselle continues:

Additionally, the quality of marijuana has increased as (legal) American production of cannabis has forced Mexican and Caribbean producers to effectively up their game to compete with superior American products.

The cartels cannot give poisonous product. They should not be selling those chemicals in the first place.

Mexican drug cartels are extremely powerful and extremely violent. Anything that cuts into their main source of income is a net positive for society. Marijuana will always exist and will always be consumed regardless of legal status--and it makes more sense to keep things domestic and keep money out of the hands of cartels.

I could not agree more!

I despise drug addiction. "Recreational" drug use is anything but recreational. Killing your body with chemicals is not "fun" but stupid and sad.

Even immoral. To treat drug use as a crime, however, has turned into a moral fiasco of the worst order.

Looking up addicts for a drug problem has not helped people get sober. The heavy criminal penalties have not stopped the drug lords. The War on Drugs has led to major profits and power for the cartels.

Decriminalization has hurt their crime sprees, and will displace their influence.

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