Friday, April 22, 2016

The South Bay GOP: The Rebel Alliance Returns

In 2014, I overheard David Hadley--or one of his campaign staffers--announce to a supporter:

"We are the rebel alliance fighting against the Empire."

No question about it, the ruthless, special interest Empire of Sacramento is sucking the life out of every individual, family, homeowner, and taxpayer in the state of California.

This Death Star of rapacious waste, fraud, and destruction must be stopped.

Indeed, the South Bay Republicans destroyed the Democratic Death Star in 2014.

It was the closest of races.

Hadley won by 706 votes. Every vote counts, and they certainly counted that evening.

Within days of Hadley's official win, the Rebel Alliance was prepping for Election 2016.

The Democratic Death Star has already begun rebuilding and retooling to retake the 66th Assembly District.

We all knew that the Illiberal, Regressive Empire of the Sacramento Democracy would strike back.

The fallen Darth Al announced his intentions to run again within hours of conceding defeat.

Nick Green of the Daily Breeze reported:

South Bay Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi finally conceded Tuesday in the close-fought 66th Assembly District race, but vowed to reclaim his seat in a message to supporters.

Muratsuchi released his statement just hours before a scheduled Hadley celebration at his Torrance campaign headquarters.

“Unfortunately, with a historic low voter turnout in a competitive district, combined with an unprecedented $1.4 million smear campaign bankrolled by billionaire outsider Charles Munger Jr., and other special interests, I fell less than 1 percent short of re-election,” Muratsuchi said in a statement. “This fight is not over. I will be back in 2016.”

That's right. It's the big, bad, bow-tied one's fault ...

Uh, no.

Low turnout played a part, but so did Al's lazy campaign, as he banked on riding out the clock and coasting on Big Labor money.

Low turnout? Perhaps, but Al Muratsuchi was not rebel with a cause.

He was a puppet for the political class, nothing more.

Muratsuchi had the backing of the Empire--and the legions of storm troopers (Big Labor, Big Business, and every other illiberal interest) behind him, and yet still lost.

The Rebel Alliance brought a new hope to the South Bay, and to the state of California

Hadley had similarly pointed out that Muratsuchi relied on special interest group money from outside the district to bankroll his campaign.

Hadley rightly pointed out that Muratsuchi was--and still is--a union puppet.

He is a mere pawn for the Evil Empire.

I can picture it now, with Governor Jerry Brown as the crusty, sclerotic Emperor Palpatine.

Will Brown shoot down his blue lightning to take down the Republican Rebel Alliance seeking to restore balance to the state of California?

Will Darth Al turn the Election 2016 and higher turnout to his favor?

Or will the South Bay GOP and the conservative movement find its frozen in carbon ice for standing up to the Evil Empire?

Not for this rebel! This sequel will end well for the South Bay Rebel Alliance and the entire state of California!

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  1. Don't forget Jimmy Gow as Jar-Jar Binks in the 2016 sequel.