Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Madam Hillary's Media Mess

Republicans will enjoy a long primary fight. Even with three (really, two) candidates battling for delegates, conservatives should be content. The Trumpster has thrown the Washington Establishment into the dumpster. US Senator Ted Cruz is their only palatable option. And you know what happens when people endorse you, or at least support and raise money for your cause? The candidate doubles down on his values. Cruz has been a cruising, consummate conservative from his law clerk days to his grassroots ways.

And the Washington Cartel can’t do anything about it!

As Donald falters, Ted embraces voters looking for “Anyone But Hillary” and “Better than Trump.”
Republicans are doing well.
Madam Hillary's Media Gaffes: Never-ending
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)

What about the Democrats?? The Democratic Party is splitting apart, and may not recovery. Don’t take my word for it. Closet communist (and one-time Obama czar) Van Jones admitted as much. On CNN. Isn’t it great when the liberal media allows the truth about their cause to slip out?
Sure, only five major Presidential candidates stood on stage with Hillary Clinton, ensuring an easier primary season for the presumptive nominee. Of the four remaining, only Jim Webb appeared presidential. Then he disappeared, first to go. The Democratic Party has elected anyone presidential since John F. Kennedy.

For the past two years, Hillary Clinton has been the Democratic Party’s (not so) Great White Hope.
She is a non-stop gaffe mess, even with a fawning media propping her up.

No one has better exposed how out of touch the Democratic Party has become with the current and future generations than … their flagging, Romney-esque front-runner Hillary Clinton. As Millennials get a job, they get a life (and that does not include their four-to-six year getting an overpriced and underwhelming bachelor’s degree). Then they realize that the Democratic Party signifies everything in opposition to their well-being. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a conservative agenda, and conservatives are taking back the Republican Party.

Hasn’t the Democratic Party investigated their Wicked Witch of Wall Street by way of the Windy City? She was busy flipping houses. She is Wall Street writ large, with speaking fees as far as a New York stock broker can see. This woman speaks for the 99%. Not a chance.

About her past – and not the scandal-laden former first lady who tried to push single-payer, or the lady who oversaw the biggest GOP takeover of Congress in forty years, or the shrill politico who carpeted-bagged her way to power in New York State just before she had to give back all the White House furniture she and her husband stole ...

Before all that, she was a Republican! A Goldwater-ite to be precise in 1964. She thought for herself, once, and stood out from the mainstream political cultural malaise of “more government, right now”, which was all the rage because then President LBJ thought it was a good idea to keep blacks dependent in ghettoes, young people dying in Vietnam, and pastors silent in their churches. “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!”

Today, Hillary Clinton is full of vices. She can’t tell the truth, even when she’s trying to. She is the fakest person on TV. It is painful watching her debate, talk, breathe, even stand there trying to ride out the primary (once again, like Romney). She barks better than she talks, too. Maybe she should have run for Chicago dog catcher. She can hold onto her corruption, but at least wouldn’t be taking this country to the dogs. Democrats must be wondering: “Who let this dog out?!”
Sure, she was a wannabe Alinsky-ite. The little Satan (Alinsky dedicated Rules for Radicals to Lucifer!) received some glowing correspondence from young Hillary once. A more radical apprentice, Barack Obama, would defeat her first bid for the Presidency. What about her second shot at the White House? An ancient, stupidity-infest New England socialist is giving her hell. No wonder George Stephanopoulos (a Clinton puppet who donated to the Clinton mafia) asks Madam Hillary: “Why can’t you put Sanders away?”

He’s still out-raising her, by the way, even as the DNC keeps trying to thwart the Sanders left-flank, now dominated by a party grown spoiled and entitled from government largesse, paid with OPM (other people’s money). What an irony. Grandpa Bernie complains that there is too much money in politics, and yet his only chance of stopping the easy gravy train of big Money means a big win depending on Big Money. Then again, this guy was living on welfare before he got a government job. He’s used to getting money from you and me.

Reminder: this guy is making Madam Hillary’s life miserable.

Of course, she has been her own worst enemy, too.

She cannot tell the difference between a Democrat and a socialist. Chris Matthews threw her a softball, and she turned into a screwball. That takes an incredibly unique talent, to induce a left-wing attack dog to make your worst enemy. She cowers before “Black Lives Matter”. In this clip, they rolled out her law enforcement record, which suggested that black lives don’t matter to her. African-Americans: wake up. Black lives have never mattered to Democrats. Ever. Her performance before the Black intelligentsia was terrible. She nodded, then resorted to hollow talking points. In another confrontation, an activist demanded that she apologize to black s because Clinton had talked about locking up “superpredators” in 1994. Democrats should apologize to black folks: their noxious, socialist policies have destroyed so many families, so many communities. Ouch!

Hillary Clinton has no respect for life. If anyone thought that Trump’s fumbling over abortion was bad: “Women should be punished”, get a load of Hillary’s anti-biological logic on life in and out of the womb:

“The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”


Last week, I wrote about Weekend at Bernie’s great weekend. This week, Clinton creeps from one media mess to the next. Things just keep betting better for the GOP, with a clean sweep to come in November.

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