Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hillary Tries to Waive Wisconsin Loss

Another fundraising email, another losing front-runner trying to stave off the pains of the loss.

Wisconsin crushed the hopes of an easy win for the front-runners in both parties.

Particularly for Hillary Clinton. Her opponent Bernie Sanders is closer to her (despite the Superdelegate corruption).

He is forcing her to fight hard for something she thought that she would inherent without much fuss but plenty of fanfare.

Here is the latest fundraiser eblast:

Friend --

Last night, after Bernie Sanders won Wisconsin, his campaign manager went on CNN to accuse our team of destroying the Democratic Party to "satisfy the Secretary’s ambition to become President of the United States."

He is half correct. She is ambitious at the expense of people and party, and especially this country.

Sanders is also destroying the Democratic Party, since his socialist ambitions have destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions throughout the world.

Socialism is evil. Collectivism of any kind is slavery, to quote Friedrich Hayek.

These two Democrats will not only destroy their party, they are intent on destroying their country!

I. Don’t. Think. So.

When they bust out the one-word sentences, you know they are in trouble!

Our team has more wins than Bernie’s, more delegates, and over 2 million more votes. We’re building the biggest and by far the most diverse coalition in this election, we’re strengthening the Democratic Party in the states, and we’re ready to do what it takes to win the White House and build a brighter future.

More wins altogether, but with four straight losses right coming right behind her, those wins won't get her the big win she seeks at the end of the primary.

Ambitious? You’re damn right we are. We have big dreams for our country, and we’re going to fight to make them happen -- that starts with winning this primary once and for all.

She has big dreams for herself.

The desperation is apparent and patently embarrassing.

Madam Hillary finds that her work is cut out of her!

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