Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dr. Genghmun Eng: To Protect or to Close ExxonMobil?

I have my concerns about Dr. Genghmun Eng, one of the six Torrance city council candidates.

Is he interested in keeping Torrance safe?

I do not doubt t.

Is he further interested in shutting down the ExxonMobil refinery?

A number of activists in the city do not want ExxonMobil shut down.

At least, that is what they claim.

If I recall, Dr. Eng was one of the first Torrance residents to raise not just significant concerns about the refinery, but also recommended himself to sit on a citizen advisory board.

Dr. Genghmun Eng


Look, I understand that residents in the city of Torrance are concerned about the refinery.

If the refinery administrators covered up wrongdoing, they need to be held accountable.

Yet the thunderstorms about the refinery in light of the explosion last February, followed by the reported leaks a few months afterward, do not give me any pause.

I have lived in the city of Torrance for the greater part of my life.

I do not fear for my safety in this city.

For what it's worth, the mayor is not keen on the rising concerns against ExxonMobil.

To what extent should we demand safety and security? Should we go back to living in caves?

I am also a little concerned about people taking any cause for concern, and then lending themselves out to be citizen advisers. Do we really need more people looking for preeminence in this fashion? Really?

A growing point of discussion among environmental activists has focused on replacing one form of acid used in the refinery: modified hydrofluoric acid (MHF).

Getting rid of that form of acid would eventually for the refinery to shut down, wouldn't it?

To this Torrance City Council candidate, I ask:

Dr. Eng, please explain.

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  1. Shut down refinery = high gas prices, which will lead to public unrest and riots. Then the government has no control.
    Thus the reason to disarm all law abiding populace. But its always the criminals that will be armed.