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In the Furey-McCormick-Commission Matter, Torrance Democratic Club President Exposes His Partisanship

At the April 12th, 2016 Torrance City Council meeting, Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow spoke out against the removal of Patrick Furey Jr. from the Torrance Traffic Commission.

By then, in larger part due to public outcry, Patrick Furey Jr had already resigned his post as Traffic Commissioner.

Jimmy Gow
Yet Jimmy Gow claimed that the outcry against Patrick Furey Jr. was partisan in nature, and therefore had nothing to do with principle.

No mention of the ethical cloud hanging over the city. No mention of the fact that Torrance residents of diverse political backgrounds censured the mayor and demanded the removal of Pat Jr.

He even indicated that a local Republican leader was instigating the removal of Pat Jr.

Here are the full remarks from Jimmy Gow:

I am here to implore you not to let partisan grudges like the one on 12D  [the agenda item to remove Pat Jr from the Traffic Commission] distract you from the business of the city.

Maintaining law and order, ethical members to every city commission: those responsibilities are crucial to every city council's role.

If you look at the details of this issue, it's really much ado about nothing.

A growing cohort of residents in the city of Torrance felt otherwise, and continue to feel otherwise.

It is shameful and sad that Jimmy Gow tried to diminish this matter.

Why would he--or anyone?--go to such lengths to cover for Pat Jr?

He is a Democrat, and a  Democratic operative.

Pat Jr  is also a Democrat, and a well-seasons operative, according to some reports. Pat Jr. touches a number of local races and has advanced progressive/Big Labor political maneuvering in the South Bay through his father, mayor Pat Furey.

And only an issue because political operatives are determined to tear down good people.

What is Jimmy Gow talking about? Whom is he talking about? Does it really matter?

Pat Jr. received three admonitions and was hit with fines for his illegal campaign activities. How much longer will the public permit unethical activities to continue until someone says "Stop!" or does something to prevent

These remarks were unclear and obscure.

The email campaign promoted by the local Republican club is an example.

Which club? The Torrance Lomita Republican Assembly? The Beach Cities Republicans? The Lincoln Club? Was there an effort from the Torrance Democrat Club? Other clubs to denounce the illegal and unethical actions of the mayor, the McCormick-TFOA PAC?

With all due respect to the gravity of the situation, "What difference does it make?" who is seeking right corrective actions to these behaviors?

The technicalities of a campaign manager running afoul of the FPPC and/or the people working for the IE [?] has no bearing on his performance as a city commissioner.

Yes, it does. Three times Pat Jr, was admonished! Three times! These bad actions reveal bad attitude about good governance. These unethical practices should preclude someone from serving at the public trust.

Why does something like this have to be discussed? Why does Jimmy Gow not seem to care about these issues? Are these the values of the Torrance Democratic Club?

Not only did the individuals in the city council audience speak for Pat Jr.s removal, the Torrance Daily Breeze exhorted the City Council for the Traffic Commissioner's ouster.

The Daily Breeze! Not a Republican club, not Republican operatives -- The Daily Breeze!

The articles reporting on the matter, and the editorial, all came from this paper. in the Daily Breeze. From what I know about Nick Green, he is no conservative, and no operative of the Republican Party, or of any party (?)

Supplemental materials provided by the Torrance City Councilmembers to the public also indicated that an "email campaign" was actually a series of campaigns from residents throughout the city appalled by the disgraceful, unethical behavior of the mayor and his son.

There was no indication in any of the writings provided that the diverse responses from residents in the city were intimately directed by any political group. If anything, Torrance residents are connecting on this matter, and they have worked together as citizens who simply want good and honest government.

The two issues are separate.

No they are not. No, Jimmy. Integrity matters.

Indeed, my understanding is ...

At this point, members of the audience criticized the council and the speaker because he was speaking on an agenda item.

Gow was prepared to sit down, but then the city attorney reminded the audience that since item 12D was withdrawn from the agenda, the item merited discussion during public comment, if a resident of the city so desired.

Gow continued, but he halted his speech a few times, seemed to struggle for words at that point.

Perhaps it was becoming clear to the audience that he was exposed for his hypocrisy. He was being the partisan and making the whole Furey-Furey Jr. affair about politics instead of principle.

He finally found his words:

I think I was saying that the two issues are separate.

The reason that this is even being discussed, talked about, as it was earlier, is because of the political maneuverings of GOP supporters of another commissioner who  was appropriately removed for misusing his position.

Again, completely different from the other situation.

It has more to do with the Republicans having lost the 2014 Election, looking for any way to undo those results.

They even had David Hadley chiming in on the McCormick contract, and my question is where was he when the Republican supporters in 2011 as was testified last week, took the #4 bidder as opposed to the #1 bidder.

There was no outrage then.

What is Jimmy Gow talking about?!

These remarks were brazenly partisan and offensive. Members of the audience began to boo.

His train of thought was particularly confusing.
What is wrong with an elected official sharing concerns about corruption or bad governance in the local cities?

Furthermore, what do prior infractions or illegal actions have to do with the present problem?

Final Reflection:

Here are three links of oral communications from the April 12th, 2016 meeting.

 These three distinct individuals criticized Mayor Pat Furey and his son Patrick Furey Jr., all in relation to the FPPC fines against the mayor and his son, particularly the son, the target of three admonitions/fines for illegal campaign practices.

Linda Gotshall Sayed: She declared that she was a vocal friend and supporter of the mayor.

Now she is one of his most vocal critics. Is she part of some vast right-wing Republican conspiracy?

Mik Moran: He is a resident and homeowner in Torrance.

Annie Ko: She reminded the audience that the city had an ambulance provide, Gerber, which went out of business.

Again, is she a Republican operative looking for any excuse to impugn the mayor?

The idea that a demand for good government is simple partisan maneuvering -- that is very offensive.

There are men and women in this city who had suspected Pat Furey of doing criminal or at least unethical activities.

Like some members of the community, I had given Furey the benefit of the doubt about the PAC and the McCormick incident.

Jimmy Gow certainly should reconsider remarks about residents in the city of Torrance who simply do not want their city to turn into another Vernon, Bell, or other corrupt city.

Once again, I find it shameful and offensive that such brazen partisanship was injected into the council meeting. No wonder so many people booed Gow in the audience.

Elected officials are supposed to respect the needs of all citizens. Any demands for good government should be respected, regardless of the political affiliation of the one, two, or many who demand proper action in response to unethical and illegal behavior.

If anyone was unjustly and unjustifiably partisan, it was Jimmy Gow, the President of the Torrance Democratic Club.

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  1. The Dems also think that the FBI investigation of Hillary's server, the Fast and Furious hearings and the Benghazi hearings are all part of this huge right wing conspiracy. Is their no ethics left in that party or are they like their party symbol a bunch of Jackasses?