Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Left (Inadvertently) Defends Citizenship

In the last week, I have read to reports from left-leaning groups which affirm the status of citizenship.

I have to admit, these developments are uite a surprise,

First, from California Political Review, from the pen of Stephen Frank:

Like any other common criminal, the Southern California ACLU would like illegal aliens bailed out of detention.  But, they have already shown a desire to break our immigration laws and with nothing holding to the area, they could be in Tucson in the morning—and never seen again—till caught and detained.  The important message here is that if the illegal aliens were just violating a technical part of our laws, a judge would release them, without bail.  Even the ACLU understands these are criminals—that have picked the pocket of our taxpayers, elderly and children.

How about that? The left-wing, initially communist-front ACLU acknowledges that illegal aliens are criminals!

Has the world come to an end? Is this real life, or is this just another fantasy?

Yes, illegal aliens are criminals

Now, I have just received this email from

Dear MoveOn member,

The New York State Board of Elections purged 126,000 voters from the rolls in Kings County—which is the borough of Brooklyn, and New York's most populous county—between October and April, just before the New York primary. The New York City Comptroller announced his agency will initiate an investigation, and New York leaders, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, are calling for immediate reforms.1

The right to vote should be seen as a sacred right for all citizens. [Emphasis added] That's why I started a petition to the New York Board of Elections ... announces that voting is a right which belongs to citizens.

ACLU admits that illegals are criminals.

Now, when will they help We the People Rising protest the bankrupt sanctuary city policies in Los Angeles County?

When will they help to remove the two illegal aliens sitting on city commissions in Huntington Park, CA?

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