Sunday, April 24, 2016

Huntington Park City Council--April 19, 2016: Reflections

The Huntington Park City Council continues to engage in its empty charade, that they represent good government and respect for community residents.

They cut the transportation for sick and elderly residents who depended on Fiesta Taxi. At the same time, the council approved millions of dollars for new buses, and yet they contracts went out to friends and political cronies.

The Four Ratas con Quatro Patas continue to ignore We the People Rising.

But we will not be deterred, until the rule of law reigns supreme, even in the darkest dingiest parts of Los Angeles County, the cities which the law has forgot.

Conservatives, Republicans, freedom advocates across the state must make their voices heard.

For all their professed love and respect for immigrants, the Hutington Park Corruptitos (excepting Valentin Amezquita) routinely despise legal residents.

Especially Nick Ioaniddis, aka Nick the Greek.

His museum "Nick the Greek in America" has closed down.

He lost the property, and the harassment he endured from the city and the mortuary only pushed him all the more out of the building.

Councilman Amezquita has big plans to use one of the unused rooms in the Huntington Park City Hall for Nick's collection of signed photo portraits and beautiful Americana:

And so much more!

During my comments, I spoke about our upcoming celebration for Nick.

I also reminded the entire audience that the council was going to undo their closed session decisions from the improperly announced December 23rd, 2015 City Council meeting.

I still remember the look of City Attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman when I announced that the DA called out the special meeting for lacking proper public notice.

And now look at them .. scurrying like the rats that they are!

Sandra Orozco outlined the whole corrupt litany of gang-bangers and insiders still running Huntington Park.

Raul Rodriguez itemized all the Democrats ruining our country and the state of California. He calls them "Demon-rats" now.

Other members of We the People Rising faulted the Huntington Park city council for outrageous property taxes, the marijuana dispensaries.

After public comment, we celebrated Nick the Greek's 41st Year as an American Citizen!

We can still celebrate citizenship and the rule of law, even if the corrupt city council members try to suppress public comment and American appreciation.

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