Wednesday, June 9, 2021

BREAKING: Torrance City Councilman Chen Seeks Resolution of No Confidence in George Gascon, Council Concurs for Agenda Item


This is great news!

Councilman George Chen took the lead last night and called for a Resolution of No Confidence against LA County District Attorney George Gascon to be brought forward for the council to approve.

Check out the video of the city council meeting from June 8th, 2021.

Click here.

Five of the city council members in total supported an agenda time for a Resolution of No Confidence, too. Only Mayor Pat Furey refused to support the resolution agenda item!

All in all, this is good news! Your calls, your emails, your voice are being heard--as they should be!

Please contact Councilman Chen and thank him for taking this commonsense step to stop the reign of criminal terror and enabled lawlessness of LA County District Attorney George Gascon.


Phone: (310) 618-2801

Please keep contacting the city council and tell them to vote YES on the Resolution when it is brought back to the city council for a final vote. Just because a resolution returns for a vote does not mean that it will get a final YES. Remember also that there are still nefarious elements in the city of Torrance and throughout the county (including Black Lives Matter) which are decidedly pro-criminal, anti-victim, and push for dangerous social justice warrior

Keep making your voices heard! Ensure that the city council votes for the Resolution of No Confidence once it comes before their council.

Torrance City Council Contacts

Pat Furey (;

George Chen (;

Aurelio Mattucci (;

Sharon Kalani (

Mike Griffiths (;

Heidi Ashcraft (;

Phone:   (310) 618-2801

To help recall LA County District Attorney George Gascon, visit this website:

Or visit this website:

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