Thursday, June 10, 2021

Michelle Steel Calls Out Racist Rouda

 This is the kind of thing that Republicans need to pay attention to and drill down on.

I suspect that progressive groups around the country are targeting moderate(ish) Democrats from 2018 who lost their seats, so that they do not run again, and instead a more progress (read, more communistic) candidate runs instead.


Progressive Group Calls Out Rouda for Racist Attacks on Michelle Steel
Less than one week after national Dems called out Rouda’s lies

Huntington Beach, CA – It’s been a bad week for Harley Rouda. On Friday, national Democrats warned Rouda against lying about Michelle Steel, now a national progressive group is doubling down and calling out Harley again for running racist and misleading ads during the 2020 election campaign.


According to the San Francisco Chronicle citing an analysis by the progressive strategy and donor group Way to Win, “Democrats ran ads that were not “culturally competent.” The study called out former Orange County Rep. Harley Rouda for airing “anti-China” ads against an Asian-American GOP candidate, now-Rep. Michelle Steel, in a district that is 18% Asian Pacific Islander.”

According to its website, Way to Win is a “homebase for progressive donors and organizers.” In 2020, they were committed to calling out misogyny and racism against women of color in hopes of “dismantling the patriarchy.”

“It’s quite something when even national Democrats and progressives are calling out a member of their own party for lying - but that’s exactly what’s happening with sore loser and tax cheat Harley Rouda. In 2020, Rouda ran a despicably misleading and racist smear campaign against Michelle Steel, a Korean immigrant who came to this country as a teenager in search of a better life. The voters knew it then and Democrats and progressives clearly know it now - Harley Rouda is a tax cheat and a liar,” Steel spokesman Lance Trover said in a statement. 

This is not the first time Rouda has been called out for his racist and misleading ad. In September 2020, over 1000 Orange County residents and 25 community leaders called for these deceptive ads to be taken down:

“Your actions to smear a Korean immigrant who came to this country in search of a better life and has sought to give back to her community via public service carry heavy undertones of racism and sexism”, the leaders said in the letter

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What's really going on here, though, is that progressive groups do not like Rouda. He is not agressively progressive enough. He is too "moderate", too "go with the flow", too "corporate." Also, he is too "white". The Democratic Party has entrenched systemic racism, and they are not giving it up. Identity politics has become essential to the Democratic Party, since that is their one and only business. White males need not apply, and that includes former Republican Harley Rouda.

This kind of leftwing ravaging may help Michelle Steel in more ways than one. With Rouda forced to veer harder to the left to keep the Democratic base close to him, he will further alienate independent and event squishy Republicans who have now gone all ga-ga for Biden.

Steel might be able to stay in Congress for another term!

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