Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Pro-Life Activists: NO to Kevin Faulconer

 I could not agree more with this sentiment.

Kevin Faulconer is awful. He is not fit to be the next governor of the state of California:

Faulconer is unacceptable
The California ProLife Council and Right to Life Federation (California ProLife) has announced that abortion-promoting candidate Kevin Faulconer is NOT an acceptable candidate for Governor. Faulconer has made his abortion-advocacy well known. With the filing period yet to be announced, and the likelihood of many other candidates joining the race (many with better bona-fides) insider-controllers within the Republican party structure are desperately cajoling others to support Faulconer.

"We find it alarming that the Republican Party would use it's limited resources, at this time, to prematurely support a candidate who stands in open defiance of the party platform, not only on protecting vulnerable children, but on so many of the party's essential planks," said Kim Allen, spokeswoman for California ProLife.

Allen made it clear that progressive consultants do not want to understand the actual polling on the abortion issue. “This is a great disservice to the public, but especially to those who who look to the Republican Party for common sense. Often pro-abortion Republicans make the false claim that abortion will broaden the GOP’s appeal. In fact, such a strategy harms efforts to attract more Democrats and Latino voters while simultaneously alienating the Republican base. And for those actually motivated by abortion advocacy in casting a vote, Democrats will be more genuine and attract those pro-abortion votes.

It doesn't 'win' for Republicans to attack their own party's voters and the party principles. Both the Gallup and Marist polls indicate the majority of Americans, even those who identify as 'pro-choice', actually want to see a dramatic legal limitation of abortion as currently practiced.

California's PPIC polling data (a progressive-leaning firm) reveals a 46-45% plurality of Latino California voters feel states are making abortions too easily accessible, a position shared by 19% of Democrats overall.

Republicans invest Money to elect Democrat Supermajority!?!
"What’s alarming about this push from within the current state Republican party is that this ongoing effort to elect progressive Republicans has directly funded and elected Democrats! Both Assembly members Chad Mayes and Brian Meinschien had been recruited and instructed by the state party consultants. They were expressly guided to take progressive policy positions. The state party then used vast amounts of Republican money in safe Republican districts and the consultants - who like the Lincoln Project, retain large portions of those funds for these 'services' - insisted that other candidates must now follow that model, " said Allen.

But upon election to office, both Mayes, then Assembly Minority Leader, and Meinschien, decided to renounce the Republican Party, openly voting with the Democrat caucus! Electing these progressives was not an accident - it was intentionally done by insiders in the Republican state party machinery.

Unlike other state's Republican parties, California’s Republican Party insiders have expressly decided to simply champion the ideology of Democrats," said Allen. "And they are getting precisely what they seek, their own defeat and implosion of the state party. They are literally campaigning for the platform of the Democrats... and electing legislators FOR the Democrat party.

"More Hispanics voted for Donald Trump than any previous Republican in history. This support was clearly NOT because he promised 'open borders,' which the dishonest media has implied is the desire of Hispanic voters. The basis of Hispanic support was the outspoken Republican's support for their deeply rooted cultural values alone. Kevin Faulkner and progressive Republicans openly disdain those values. SeCNN poll here. 

California's progressive-Republican 'consultant class' does not understand true cultural values, or the deep resentment many informed individuals and minorities feel about the targeting of vulnerable human lives which are the methods the abortion industry promotes and implements. They use government and your tax dollars to do so.Faulconer supports this government-sponsored abortion industry. 

See Faulconer's open commitments to abortion and against the polices of the Republican Party here:

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